November 30th National Mason Jar Day

Today was created by our companies founder, it’s National Mason Jar Day in honor of the creation of the lid for the jar which is actually what the mason jar is all about. Back in 1858 John Landis Mason figured out how to make a lid seal on a jar so that it keep the food inside fresh and kept bacteria and mold out. Until then, people could jar food but it did not last for very long and the risk of getting sick from unsealed food was very high. Mason solved that problem with patent #22186, a way to preserve food we use even today.

How to celebrate – Buy some Mason Jars. Start canning your own foods. Read about Mason’s invention.


November 29 Square Dance Day

Though thought of as a country dance, Square Dancing probably comes from England with a few American adjustments, of course. Now you do have to listen closely to what the caller is shouting out and it helps to understand the terms they using but even if you don’t, it can still be fun, particular for those watching! It’s also great exercise, whether you know what you are doing or not. But don’t think because it’s thought to be country it’s easy, nothing ever is. You also need to get in shape so you can handle all your are require to do!

How to celebrate – Learn how to square dance. Watch some square dancing on you tube. Learn how to be a caller for the dance.

November 28th Make Your Own Head Day

They say that two heads are better than one so go ahead (Pun intended) and make yourself another today. You can draw a head, make a mold of your head, sculpt a head… do it however you want to but do it so you keep with the agenda of the day! You can put it on your table afterwards, in a window or just mount it on your shoulder and take it with you where ever you go. If you are artistic, make several so your family can have one with them at all times.

How to celebrate – Create a new head. Make a head the way you would like to look. Shrink a head if you can find a spare laying around.

November 27th Cyber Monday

Didn’t get enough shopping in on Black Friday? Well, it’s not too late but today you can do it at home in your pajamas if you want, it’s Cyber Monday! this always comes the Monday after Thanksgiving, we need time to digest all that food. There are generally some great buys and if you don’t wait to long you might even get your delivery in time for Christmas!

How to celebrate – Spend today shopping on line. Look for some great deals!

November 26th Shopping Reminder Day

Now here’s a day most women probably don;t need to be reminded of but a lot of men do. In case you missed it, the holidays are coming and you will need to go shopping for your loved ones and friends. Now that’s not an insult to women, women generally remember to take care of things important to their families where a lot of men forget them, or at least leave them to the last moment. So mark it on your calendar that today is a day to go shopping, get it over with before you forget and struggle to find anything worth buying!

How to celebrate – Go shopping. Set up a fun day of shopping with friends. Look for sales!

November 25th National Parfait Day

Here’s a fun day, it’s a day to celebrate having ice cream, layered with whipped Cream and fruit or at least fruit syrup. (Some people use nuts or oats to layer into the mixture but that seems kinda healthy). You can even mix the fruits as well so you don’t have to use just one! You can also use yogurt in place of the ice cream but if you are thinking it’s going to lower the calories you will probably be disappointed. It’s a great way to cool down and enjoy both your parfait and the day.

How to celebrate – Have a parfait. Make your own new kind of parfait, maybe use vegetables. (Eech!) Most people use vanilla ice cream but try something different!

November 24th Thanksgiving

Today we celebrate all those things we are thankful for, though we often seem to forget them during the course of the day. The first Thanksgiving came in 1621 but it was all but forgotten until 1789 when George Washington proclaimed it as a holiday. The original Thanksgiving lasted 3 days, Washington’s was 1. Abraham Lincoln made the last Thursday in November the constant date to celebrate Thanksgiving and FDR made it a National Holidays. So Thanksgiving has moved around, been forgotten and adjusted to meet Federal Holidays but is is still around, still a holiday and still a reason to give thanks for all we have.

How to celebrate – Enjoy your family on Thanksgiving.Invite good friends for your feast. Remember to always be thankful for all you receive.

November 23rd Fibonacci Day

Fibonacci Day will take you for a whirl; the Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical concept found in everything from architectural wonders, the biological cells of leaves, and the greatest works of art. Leonardo Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician who lived in the twelfth century, used the pairings of bunnies as an example of the phenomenon. Simply, you add two numbers together that have already appeared in the sequence to find the next number. You begin with 0 and 1, naturally. Add them together and you get 1. Well, we didn’t get very far there but in due time, things change exponentially. So we continue: 1 + 1 results in 2. From there, week working with the last two numbers. For example: 1 + 2 = 3, 2 + 3 =5, 3 + 5 = 8, 5 + 8 = 13, 8 + 13 = 14, and so on and so forth until infinity! What’s cool about the sequence is that it appears in the Golden Ratio, the so-called beautifier of the universe. The Golden Ratio looks like a nautilus shell, starting from a very tiny spiral center and it expands outward to form a beautiful, ovular design. This ratio is found in things like the design of the Mona Lisa, the Greek Parthenon – a temple in Greece, snowflakes at the atomic level, and even our faces and bodies! Fibonacci Day is a day to examine the beauty in things great and small, and to remember that math can be fun!

How to celebrate – Learn the Fibonacci way of counting. Look for patterns in seashells. Look for beauty where you find it.

November 23rd National Cashew Day

There really isn’t much to say about cashews except they seem to be many people’s favorite nut. They are a little sweeter than most nuts may be the reason why, maybe it’s the shape, maybe it’s something else entirely. They use the cashew in many Asian cooking dishes and it is even made into an expensive form of peanut butter. There are even some Thanksgiving dressing that feature the cashew and since tomorrow is Thanksgiving…. well, you might want to try one… that is, if you like cashews.

How to celebrate – Look up recipes using cashews. Have a bowl of cashews available to snack on. Invent your own cashew dish.

November 22nd Go For A Ride Day

If the weather is nice today why not get in, or on, some sort of vehicle and go for a ride. Enjoy the world around you and explore a little. who knows, maybe you’ll find some place or something new that you never noticed before. You may see old friends or make new ones, find a great place to eat or a spot where you can just sit and chill out… and it all starts with taking a ride, passing some time, either alone or with those you love. If the weathers bad, maybe you can plan a trip instead. It doesn’t need to take all that long. Oh, and if you have a best friend (Meaning a dog) take them along!

How to celebrate – Go for a ride. Learn more about the world around you. Start a caravan!