November 20th Beautiful Day

So what is a beautiful day to you? Is it the weather? A person? A place? I suppose it is whatever you find beautiful and that’s different for each of us. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, as it should be. So today, make sure you find sometime today to spend some time with something you find beautiful, it will make your day more beautiful and probably make others who work with you, live with you spend time with you have a more beautiful day as well.

How to celebrate – Have a beautiful day. Surround yourself with beauty. Enjoy your life.

November 18th Justice League Day

The Justice League are the Avengers of DC Comics. One of the leaders of the Justice League is no doubt Batman, or Bruce Wayne, a social climber, wealthy civilian in Gotham City. Batman first appeared in 1939, ahead of any of the other Super Heroes we are familiar with today. Even in the beginning he was Vengeance, the night… he was, and is, Batman! The caped crusader is one of the best known characters in the comic book world, along with Robin, helping the Justice League save yet another day for the common man.

How to celebrate – Get a Batman comic book. Learn more about the history of Batman. Visit Gotham City.

November 18th Occult Day

Not sure this is the kind of day you really want to celebrate but… your choice. The occult in not always a bad thing, it simply means mysterious like Astronomy and Alchemy, but we have made it something evil. So in the world today we have to be very careful how we use the word and it is generally better just left that we don’t. Stay safe today, don’t venture much from the known and you will be fine.

How to celebrate – Take care today. Study the art of alchemy. Look to the stars for your future.

November 17th Homemade Bread Day

There is nothing like the smell of homemade bread baking in a house that turns that house instantly into a home. Bread, a basic part of the diet for thousands of years, has been around since 5,000 to 10,000 BC. I know, that’s not narrowing it down a lot but it’s as close as science can get! There’s white bread, wheat bread, rye bread, nearly any kind of grain can be turned into bread, it just depends on your preferences. Today was probably created by the Homemade Bread Day Committee of Montague, WI though no one seems to know for sure.

How to celebrate – Make some bread today. Make some bread for your neighbors. Visit a bakery.

November 16th Button Day

Buttons can be really annoying if they are too small to fit the hole they are intended to go in, also if they fall off and get lost… never to be found again. But buttons can also be really cool. Button collections are always interesting, or at least most of the time, and some are actually pretty valuable. Buttons from the past are usually ornate and have some meaning to them, particularly if they come off of a uniform or some governmental outfit.

How to celebrate – Start a button collection. Learn how to tell a possible valuable button from an ordinary button. Find a special place to store all those buttons you find but have no idea where they came from.

November 15th Clean Your Refrigerator Day

This can be a very important day particularly if it’s the first time you’ve ever cleaned your refrigerator. It can be a real mess and an adventure as you will find foods you don’t recognize anymore that are sometimes even scary. I suggest if they are moving on their own you may want to be very cautious. It’s also a great time to clean your refrigerator because Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming and there will be a lot of left overs no one ever gets to starting your storage all over again!

How to celebrate – Clean your refrigerator. Buy some special storage containers. Get ready for the holidays.

November 14th National Pickle Day

Today isn’t so much about the pickle as it is about pickling, the act of turning say a cucumber into what we think of as a pickle! Pickling is the act of soaking vegetables into a brine flavored with herbs and spices to save it for later use. Pickling has been around since at least 2,400 BC in India and not limited to cucumbers only but including nearly every vegetable ever grown. However, cucumbers are what we commonly think of as pickles and are enjoyed in numerous different fashions and styles. Today has been celebrated since 1949.

How to celebrate – Name as many pickles as you can. Learn how to pickle your own vegetables. See how many different things you can pickle.

November 13th National Indian Pudding Day

Native American’s have provided the world with numerous wonderful and help things. Not all have to be life saving and earth shattering to serve a good purpose. Indian Pudding is a great example of that! While it has bettered the position man has had in the world it has improved his attitude as e tried to achieve that new position. Made from Molasses and cornmeal, often flavored with apples or other suitable fruits and baked to delight, it is one of those things that satisfies your taste buds and puts you in a better mood to think about world peace.

How to celebrate – Learn to make Indian Pudding. Studies other Native American recipes. Include Indian Pudding in your Thanksgiving plans.

November 12th National French Dip Day

Okay, so the French Dip apparently isn’t French! It seems it was invented in the US at one of two restaurants, both built in the 1890’s. Since Cole’s Restaurant in LA, California created the day in 2018, apparently they win… having created the sandwich on November 12th, 1908. While I give them credit I do find it hard to believe that no one before that thought about dipping their sandwich in the broth they cooked the meat in before that.

How to celebrate – Have a French Dip sandwich. Visit Cole’s in California. Invent your own new sandwich


November 11th Veteran’s Day

World War 1 ended on November 11th at 11:11, 1921. The US and the UK both buried an unknown soldier to honor those who sacrificed their lives an celebrated Armistice Day. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a General in the army during World War 2, changed Armistice to Veteran’s Day to honor all American soldiers who died in any war, still symbolized by the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We also honor all those soldiers that have ever served.

How to celebrate – Thank any soldier you see for their service. Visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Read about World War 1.