November 20th Absurdity Day

There seem to be a lot of strange days in November and today is no exception, it’s Absurdity Day. Of course, something considered absurd really does fall to the individual and what they consider absurd. It may seem quite normal to someone else. However, should you choose to observe today as a holiday you may want to list those things you consider to be odd enough to make your absurd list, which if you think about it, is sort of something absurd to do in itself.

How to celebrate – Determine what you consider to be absurd. Form a club to consider what is absurd and what isn’t. Make a list of absurdities.

November 19th Have A Bad Day Day

I have to admit, a lot of the bizarre holidays seem a little useless to me, but they are meant to have fun with or celebrate something unusual so, okay. This day is pretty much useless, and realizing that you just have to know that the good people at had to be behind it. And on top of that, they have copyrighted it! Now that is useless! Why would anyone want to wake up in the morning and say to themselves, “I want to wish everybody has a bad day today”. But that is exactly what is doing. Well lets all hope they have a bad day today.

How to celebrate – Ignore this stupid day. Ignore Enjoy your day just to spite them.

November 19th World Toilet Day

November 19th World Toilet Day

It may seem a little funny to celebrate a day like World Toilet Day, at least to those of us that have a toilet or two in the house. However, there are 4.2 Billion people in thew world, according to the United Nations, that do not have proper sanitation. Often the rivers and lakes used for washing clothes, dishes and bathing are used as toilets as well. Without the knowledge to prevent desease and waste from spreading into the community entire villages are infected. The UN is trying desperately to change this, but it isn’t easy.

How to celebrate – Be thankful for the toilets you have. Take care when visiting remote areas of the world. Contribute to the UN to help protect those that need to be protected.

November 18th Great American Smoke-out

I am not one to harp on those who smoke. I know the pleasure and relaxation it brings and I should, I smoked for over over 50 years. I quit, mainly because I got sick and it wasn’t from smoking… or at least not supposedly. Anyway it is hard to quit and like any other addiction, it is even harder to stay a non-smoker. But in the long run it’s worth it and I suggest you at least try. Today was created by the American Cancer Society in 1977 and always falls on the third Thursday of November.

How to celebrate – Stop smoking. Throw yourself a party if you’ve quit. Contribute to the American Cancer Society.

November 17th Take A Hike Day

There are several meanings to “Take a Hike” but we will stick with the most obvious and literal, take a walk! It is a simple form of exercise that practically anyone can do. It gets you out in nature, enjoying the sights and sounds the world has to offer and you get to see things that change daily, albeit they may be very small changes. You can hike alone, or in a group, although it is always better to hike with at least one partner. You can make new friends, maybe even find other related hobbies and if nothing else, feel better about yourself for doing it.

How to celebrate – Go for a walk. Join a hiking group. Create some new trails for yourself.

November 16th Button Day

The world of buttons are amazing. To think where those buttons came from what they might have been through. They are generally as different as the people that wear them and some have meaning, some don’t. The military units of the world have always taken pride in the buttons their uniforms have been made of, the idea of keeping them polished and bright is important as a sign that you take pride in yourself, your country and your service. Collecting buttons is a great, and generally pretty cheap, hobby. The odd thing about buttons is, even if you collect them… you can never find the button like the one you need if you lose a button one.

How to celebrate – Start a button collection. Save any button you find and keep if safe. Get a supply of buttons to keep on hand.

November 15th Steve Irwin Day

Most of us remember Steve Irwin as that happy go lucky Australian that loved animals. He was also known as the Crocodile Hunter and a Wildlife Warrior. He went places few of us would go and dealt with creatures even fewer of us would try to be friendly with but thing is, you could tell he loved what he did and the people and animals that surrounded him. He also made wearing khaki a popular and cool thing to do! Celebrate Steve Irwin’s life today by remembering what he did accomplish and by helping protect the environment he loved.

How to celebrate – Visit a wildlife refuge. Buy some Khaki clothing. Watch reruns of the Crocodile Hunter.

November 15th Clean Your Refrigerator Day

Remember that steak you put in the fridge a year and a half ago because you just didn’t want it to go to waste? Well, it’s probably still there. We mean well when we put leftovers in the fridge but so often forget about them. Then since the rest of the food we should be using and is perfectly good we waste because our leftovers are in front of them and we can’t see them either! If your family is at all like mine, we all need to clean out the refrigerator daily, not yearly, but if you haven’t done so in a year… well today is the day to do it. If for no other reason than when Thanksgiving gets here you have more room to save those leftovers.

How to celebrate – Clean out your refrigerator. Date all the leftovers in the refrigerator. Identify those items you put in the refrigerator because you might not recognize them later.

November 15th America Recycles Day

November 15th America Recycles Day

Recycling really works when it’s done correctly, or at least the EPA says so and formed this day on November 15th, 2019. The problem with recycling is, there is so much stuff to recycle! There is no doubt that certain materials can be re-used in different forms and Mother nature really does benefit from the practice. The problem is, there is so much to recycle that many communities cannot keep up with the practice and the costs continue to rise every year. Still, we should all do our part after-all, it is our world too and better for us if we learn to protect what we have.

How to celebrate – Recycle. Find out if your community is truly recycling. Start a recycling club. In your neighborhood.

November 14th World Diabetes Day

Since 1991, and earlier, the medical community has been trying to get us to be aware of diabetes, the warning signs and treatments available. This really is a silent killer and we all should know what we have to watch out for particularly for a decease that is very, very treatable. Of course, it would be nice if it didn’t fall right before Thanksgiving but maybe these are the times we need to be even more aware of what we eat and drink anyway.

How to celebrate – Celebrate if you don’t have diabetes! Watch your diet. Support diabetes research.