April 30th Save the Frogs Day

Bulls, Leopards, and Crickets – oh my! No…I am not talking about a variety of animals – I’m talking about a variety of FROGS! This day is the world’s largest day of amphibian education and conservation action of these slimy (oh I mean wonderful) creatures. All kidding aside – frogs are an integral part of our ecosystem and like many other animals are dwindling in numbers due to encroachment in their habitats as well as smuggling of endangered amphibians. So join others this day in helping spread the word to help our fine green amphibian friends…and red, and black, and orange…ok you get the picture 🙂 Kermit will thank you!

How to celebrate: Watch the Muppet Movie. Join other hobbyists in celebrating the day on social media channels and on their official site at savethefrogs.com, even better, organize your own event and register it on their site. Check out some great Documentaries on YouTube to learn more about Frogs.

October 31st Halloween

Unless you have not lived on the planet earth for a couple of centuries, you should know tonight is Halloween. It should be a time for trick-or-treats and fun costumes… nothing to be taken to seriously. It’s also fun to have minor scares and play a few tricks on people but please, try and stay kind. after all, Halloween now is more about seeing the smiles than scaring the child.

How to celebrate – Dress up for Trick-or-treating. Have a Halloween Party! Visit Home Depot for all those Halloween Decorations!

October 30th Mischief Night

This day is probably one that should be forgotten and in most places of the world, it has been. It started in the UK apparently, to separate the giving away of candy and treats from the more… well, mischievous activities that can occur. (But probably shouldn’t) Theses things would be like soaping windows and toilet papering homes, along with other deeds better left undone. Why spoil Halloween with making someone work hard to repair things for Halloween? Think twice, be nice.

How to celebrate – If you have to, tonight is the night for being mischievous. Let everyone enjoy Halloween. Save the toilet paper, we may need it!

October 29th Frankenstein Friday

Ron MacCloskey of Westfield, New Jersey placed Frankenstein Friday on the last Friday of October in 1997 to have some fun. To, in a way, start Halloween before Halloween starts. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley wrote Frankenstein back in 1818 at the age of 21. Her creature was different from the one we now celebrate, it’s up to you whether the newer version is better or the older one. Either way, today, or maybe tonight, you should celebrate Frankenstein because it would be a monstrous shame if you didn’t.

How to celebrate – Dress up like Frankenstein. Read “Frankenstein”. Watch old Frankenstein movies.

October 28th Plush Animal Lover’s Day

Who doesn’t love a plush animal? Well maybe not Gengis Khan, but if they had been around back then I bet he’d have had a favorite. Now there is no reason today is Plush Animal Lover’s Day, at least none that I found. But who cares? If you like something, why not flaunt it. They even work well for a pillow in an emergency! Look for your favorite animal and I bet there will be a plush toy made of it. If not, make one, I’m sure you’ll make a bundle selling! (Watch out for copyrights though)

How to celebrate – Check out all the Plush Toy animals. Take your favorite Plush Toy to lunch. Send your favorite Plush Toy a greeting card.

October 26th National Mincemeat Day

Have you ever had a piece of mincemeat pie? Do you even know what that is? It’s fallen out of popularity but before the mid-1900’s it was a fairly common dish. It was probably most popular during the Middle Ages when it was an easy dish to prepare and less costly than many other options. Mincemeat is simply a sweet flavored meat dish. It is made out of whatever meat you choose, normally beef but it can be chicken or pork as well. (I doubt fish would work well but it might) It contains fruit of your choosing and suet. Suet is hard white fat from an animal and before you get all grossed out, most puddings contain suet.

How to celebrate – Try making some mincemeat, or mincemeat pie. Picadillo, a Cuban food, is close to mincemeat. Serve it up with some Figgy Pudding.

Oct. 27th National Tell A Story Day

Today is National Tell A Story Day In Scotland and the UK. Interestingly, it is exactly 6 months after (Or before) the US day. Anyway, the idea is that you tell, or read, someone a story, and with Halloween coming up why not make it a scary story? Or just after that comes Christmas so it could be a Christmas story. (Or really it could be any kind of story.) So here comes the shameless plug on my short story, “Why the Evergreen’s Stay Green”. It’s on Amazon so if you don’t have a different story you want to tell, buy a copy of my book and enjoy. https://www.amazon.com/Evergreens-Stay-Green-John-Olbert-ebook/dp/B01NCI7RAZ

How to celebrate – Tell someone a story today. Read someone a story today. Buy a copy of “Why the Evergreens Stay Green”.

October 25th International Artists Day

Today we celebrate all those artists across the face of the earth. Generally speaking we think of painting and sculpting as the art world but it really includes any work form that someone takes pride in doing and does well. That can be a car mechanic, a trash collector or a house painter. If you do anything the best you are able to do it, and take pride in what you do… you are an artist. I know, I know… this is not what the day suggests it is but maybe it should be. I can appreciate a great painting, a great musical score or someone putting on my roof properly as great art.

How to celebrate – Look at all jobs as if they are an art. Visit a Gallery. Go see a movie.

October 24th United Nations Day

Designed to help the world stay at peace and to aid those countries in need the idea of the United Nations has sort of worked over the years… well, not really. When the most powerful countries can, and do, force the UN to do things their way the idea of an independent force for good sort of falls by the wayside. Of course, the UN gets all of it’s funding from the countries it is supposed to unite, but the majority of the funding comes from you know who. As such, when another country has an issue with an ally of our country, we are forced to support the country not in alliance with our beliefs. Oh well, it was a nice try.

How to celebrate – Look for where the UN has done a good job. (Good luck finding one) Find out which countries belong to the UN. Find out who has veto power in the UN.

October 23rd Make A Difference Day

Sometimes the simple things in life are the most worth while. You can make a difference in your neighbors lives just by being there when they need you. Of course you have to know them well enough to know they need you but if you are a good neighbor, you will know when they need you and when they don’t. It also spreads out to your entire community, where homes need to be built or repaired for those in need. President Carter has gone out every make a difference day and picked up a hammer and nails and started to building a home for someone, even well into his 90’s. Be a good neighbor, in your neighborhood and in the world. Make a difference where you can.

How to celebrate – Get involved. Check on your neighbors. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.