October 31st Halloween

So today is a fun day for those of use who don’t really believe in ghouls and monsters. It’s a chance to be a little scary and give out treats to our neighbors kids and sometimes strangers. It’s a time for neighbors to get out and say “hello” to each other after ignoring them for a whole year. Some of us, me included, love to decorate for Halloween. We love to see the children’s eyes as they come up knowing they aren’t going to get hurt but still a little unsure of what it is they are seeing. Have a safe and happy Halloween.

How to celebrate – Enjoy your Halloween. Celebrate with your neighborhood. Find the good it holiday events, not the bad.


October 30th Mischief Night

Okay, so… Halloween in tomorrow night and you get the bright idea to go to the same people you are going to ask candy from and toilet paper their house, soap their windows, steal furniture off the porch or cause whatever damage you can without getting caught. There’s some really good thinking! While Mischief Night does occur in America it really is more focused on England where they truly haven’t figured out Halloween in the couple of hundred years they have celebrated it. Oh well, to each their own. If you expect me to give you candy on Halloween, don’t trash my house the night before.

How to celebrate – Just think about all the nasty things you could do to a neighbor instead of actually doing it. If you really want to trash someones house of car… trash your own and then you can have all the fun of cleaning it up to yourself. Spend your time doing nice things for others instead of mean things.

October 29th National Cat Day

Okay, so after living with at least nine cats, or more, in the house for the last thirty years I can officially say, I am over cats. There is a fight at least once an hour, throw up nearly every ten steps in any direction, someone is mad so there is cat spray normally in excess of 10 so I am trying to find whose spraying twice. You can’t lay down anywhere in the house…. ever… you wear cat fur to every occasion, every plate of food is sampled before you get to it, your grocery bill for cat food exceeds your families food bill. Some dying creature is being drug inside most every night, no door can be opened without a cat appearing and wanting to go out but it takes them ten minutes in the doorway to figure out if they really want to go out. I use to love cats, back when my life was filled with one or two bundles of joy… not a herd of constantly complaining little bitc….

How to celebrate – Keep you cat population under control! You do not need to adopt every cat you see, including your neighbors. Never try to reason with a cat.

October 28th Frankenstein Friday

Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in the Mid-1800’s in England. Some of what she was writing was true, at least to those believers who thought local doctors were trying to actually create living beings from dead ones. Today, we know that Frankenstein Friday means that Halloween will soon be here. It falls on the last Friday of October and, naturally Halloween comes shortly there after on the last day of October. The actual Frankenstein Friday was created by Ron MacCloskey in 1997.

How to celebrate – Get ready for Halloween. Read about the Mid-1800’s in England. Wear your Frankenstein costume if you got one.

October 26th National Mincemeat Day

Here’s a day to really be scared of with Halloween rapidly coming. It’s Mincemeat Day, normally served like a pie but as a meal. It was created during the Middle Ages as a way to preserve meat, and other things, by mixing meat, suet and fruit together. It was fairly sweet, sometimes too sweet but it was enjoyed during the Middle Ages maybe because they rarely ate sweets… I don’t know. Like many foods the art of preserving them didn’t make them any better it just made them last longer before they’d kill you because you ate them. But I suppose you can develop a taste for just about anything.

How to celebrate – Make some Mincemeat. Add your favorite fruit to hamburger and see how it tastes. Pretend you are having a Middle Ages festival and serve Mincemeat.

October 25th Howl At The Moon Night

Howl At The Moon Night was created by Johnny DiPalma, an animator, on April 26th, 2009. So how did it end up in October? I haven’t got a clue. It has something to do with drinking, though it’s not clear exactly what… other than perhaps getting drunk and singing or howling wildly. But it does have an association with the wolf, who really does howl at the moon, and hence maybe why it has been placed somewhere close to Halloween. After-all, supposedly the wolf has been around some 1.5 million years longer than man. And that’s nothing to howl about!

How to celebrate – Visit your favorite bar. Stand in your yard and howl at the moon. Pretend to be a Werewolf!

October 24th United Nations Day

The idea of the United Nations comes out of the League of Nations which the United States proposed but did not join. The world was happy when the United States did join the UN because they knew the US would pay nearly all the bills for the UN. The idea of the UN is to help provide peace, get those in need whatever they needed and to keep everybody calm. They do a wonderful job of keeping themselves calm, not so much the rest of the world though. They do serve a great job of trying to lend aid just not such a good job of letting those nations keep the aid they provide. Well at least they try, or sort of anyway.

How to celebrate – Visit the UN, in the United States. Check the budget, most of which the US pays. Take a guess who gets the least from the UN?

October 23rd TV Talk Show Host Day

Remember back when Johnny Carson was the King of late night tv? He was on from 1962 through 1992, 1,859 episodes. Remember back when tv talk show hosts were entertainers and not political hacks! Oh sure, I know our future is funny and who knows better than a talk show host about what we should do and not do politically. At least for me, if they believe in a platform I pretty well know it’s not something I should believe in! Oh well, if they don’t want to do their jobs, which is to entertain everyone, it just gives us one less crooked voice to have to listen to.

How to celebrate – Turn off your tv and get some sleep, they aren’t going to say anything important anyway. Wish Johnny Carson a happy birthday, even dead he’s funnier than most of the new hosts. Invest in radio.

October 22nd Smart Is Cool Day

In most cases we think of someone smart we often thing of nerdy types, so smart that they can;t hardly live with others in a normal world. Because of that we often make fun of them for been out of touch but more likely because they are better than us. We tend to think of Yogi Bear, “Smarter than the average bear”… if you even remember that character. The day was created by Signe Rogalski in 2013. (He/She/It had to be smart with a name like that!) Did you know the highest IQ recorded, at least that I know of, was 228.

How to celebrate – Try to be smarter today than yesterday. Hang out with someone smart. Practice being smart by saying smart things.

October 21st Count Your Buttons Day

This is sort of a thing to do when you can’t find anything else to do but it can be rewarding as well. As you look through you basket of button it is fun to try and remember where you found them, what they came off of and how you might have lost it. Most button last longer than the fabric they came off of and so they are a sort of reminder of all the things you have been through in your life. So instead of worrying about buttons you may have lost, remember those you have saved and take a trip down memory lane.

How to celebrate – Find clothing missing buttons and match them up to buttons you found. Find buttons that have a memory to go along with them. Save any button found.