October 21st National Reptile Awareness Day

It is important that we recognize at least some of the over 100,000 species of reptiles on the earth. Many haven’t changed all that much since life began on the earth. I am not sure if that is good or bad. Personally, I have found that it is particularly vital to be aware of a reptile if it happens to be chasing you!

Did you know that alligators have been clocked running as fast as 32 miles per hour on land? I found that when being chased by an alligator I can run at least 33 miles per hour! Not that I have been chased all that much but it really only requires once.

A reptile is generally determined by being cold blooded, has scales or scutes (heavy plates), and lays eggs on land. Usually, the brighter the color they are, the more dangerous they are, though some blend in well in their environment.

Speaking of their environments they are being lost at a huge rate daily. It is dangerous for the reptile, but also for us humans as they move in among us to live. Like them or not, they too have a right to live. This world has been created for all living creatures, man, animal and reptile.
They, unlike us humans, do not destroy the land they live in, kill for no reason at all, and they would prefer to avoid us just as much as we would prefer to avoid them. That is one reason why this Awareness Day is so important. It teaches us about the reptiles, educates us about their conservation, and gives us some sort of appreciation for the creatures we share the earth with.

How to celebrate – If you’re into it, get a reptile for a pet. Study the reptiles native to your area of the world. Pretend you are a reptile and see how well you could survive for a day.

October 12th Old Farmer’s Day

Farmer’s are among the hardest workers in any country these days but in the past, wow… life was even harder. There are certain things that wisdom is granted to the aged that just cannot be handed down, that smell in the air, the feel of the soil, the taste of a plant that reveals more than any book could ever tell anyone, particularly about being a farmer. So why celebrate old farmers? Why celebrate anything old? They known more, have experienced more and had to work harder to get the same results. Just remember, a farmer in 2021 will be an old farmer in 2050 and surely things will have become easier by then as well. Today was created sometime back in the mid-1800’s when Old Farmers were still old farmers!

How to celebrate – Visit a farm. Become a farmer. Study the equipment improvement for farmers over the years.

October 2nd World Card Making Day

With all the holidays coming up it would be a great day to start making greeting cards to send out to family and friends. Spend the day making cards and save yourself a ton of money from buying them or using those online services. Nothing wrong with those cards you buy or email, they are great too, but there is nothing like getting a homemade one that makes someone feel special that you cared enough to include them in your special occasions. You can make cards for all the holidays and birthdays and for just no reason at all. This day always falls on the first Saturday in October.

How to celebrate – Make some greeting cards. Figure out bizarre holidays you can send people cards for. Get your mailing list ready.

October 1st National Homemade Cookies Day

It’s getting to be that season again where the houses fill with the aroma of the coming holidays and nothing fills those senses better than to smell homemade cookies baking in the oven. They always seem to taste better than the store bought cookies and seem to put people in a more joyful attitude. I guess it reminds us of the old days when grandma use to bake her cookies and we’d get them fresh off the rack still warm and chewy. Ah, that’s when you know life is good.

How to celebrate – Bake some cookies today. Research your families favorite cookies. Make some cookies for the neighbors.

September 25th World Dream Day

So today is not totally about sleeping… well part of it may be, as most creative people come up with their best ideas while sleeping. But today is actually in the dreams of hope and goals. It was created to make our world a better place by emphasizing – dream big, reach for the stars!!!! and make those dreams a reality….Ok now go back to sleep so you can dream up some wonderful ideas 🙂

How to celebrate: Don’t ever give up. Don’t let ANYONE tell you it can’t be done. Write down your dream and tape it on your mirror or bedpost and look at and believe in it every day!

September 21st Miniature Golf Day

For those of us that like to play the game of golf but aren’t really good enough to play on a regular course, we have the option of doing miniature golf or more commonly called, putt-putt golf. You don’t need to worry about all those clubs, the caddie, the golf cart, wearing those fancy duds or anything, except possibly getting hit by an errant golf club swing from another untrained golfer. It’s meant to be fun and get you out for a little exercises and to see the elaborate layout only really available to miniature golf course.

How to celebrate – Go miniature golfing. Build a miniature golf course in your back yard. Get a caddie for the day.

September 18th National Big Whopper Liar Day

I caught a fish…… THIS BIGGGGGGGGG!!!!! Lying is one of the worst things one person can do to another, or even to themselves! We do it all the time, sometimes without meaning to or even thinking about it. We tend to offer up little white lies nearly every day. Like, “Do I look okay in this outfit?” and we answer “Sure!” when we really think they would look better wearing anything else. Or, “Do you like this perfume?” and we say “It’s really nice” when we want to say, “It’s really nice if you live in a barn!” But we don’t want to hurt our friends or loved ones so we lie.

If our noses grew like Pinocchio’s did when he lied we’d all have a portion of our anatomy arriving in a room a good fifteen minutes before the rest of us got there. But that’s not what today is all about. It’s a day to celebrate the big whopper lie. You know, like the ten thousand pound fish we caught one day but it got away when a fly snapped the line. Or maybe it’s like…

Well, maybe we could consider his lies white lies as well, after all he didn’t want to upset an entire country! I guess if Hillary let it go so should the rest of us. After all, we expect our political leaders to lie to us. We would be shocked if they didn’t! In fact, when was the last time you actually believed someone running for any office?

The Big Whopping Liar Day has been celebrated since 1988, founded by Aubry Robison Jr., if that was really their name, and is a part of the German Kunstfest in New Harmony, Indiana. It always falls on the third Saturday of September, which happens to be September 18th this year.

But there is one type of liar that we could probably not live without. Liars like Stephen King, who give us a world of fiction that we read, watch and can’t wait for the next time they will be lying to us. After all, most fiction writers start off with a lie (there is always some truth in every lie offered). Most books, movies, plays and even some artwork is based on lies. So maybe all big whopper lies aren’t bad after all.

How to celebrate – Mark down every lie you tell today, keep track and see how many you offer up. Keep track of every lie you think you hear today. Compare notes, see if you lie more, or are lied too more. Try writing a piece of fiction, you can lie all you want there!

August 24th National Waffle Day

Waffles are generally made from flour, milk, vegetable oil, sugar, baking powder, salt and vanilla. They are thought to be a breakfast food, or a snack, but can be enjoyed any time of the day. I was a little surprised to find out that the first record of waffles being served was back in 1300’s Greece. International Waffle Day on March 25, was created in Sweden, it’s called Vaffeldagan Day there, but I guess in the US we had to have our own National Waffle Day so August 24th was proclaimed. Even if we “stole” the day, everyone knows of course the most famous waffles come from Belgium (well the story goes a bit differently, but that is for another day and time).

How to celebrate – Make some waffles. Try different kinds of waffles. Visit Sweden!

August 24th Iconic American Restaurants Day

Bob Mathews of “Holiday Insights” created today when he visited a Howard Johnson’s In Lake George, New York. It was the “Last One Standing”. I have no idea if it is still there after Covide but at one time the restaurant change was thriving. We have lost a lot of of historical restaurants over the last few years. You know when chain fast-food places start to become our Iconic perhaps we’ve lost the meaning of Iconic.

How to celebrate – Support a restaurant that has a history in your area. Research the oldest American restaurants still in business today. Visit Williamsburg and find some of the oldest restaurants anywhere! (Although they are not owned by the original owners)

August 7th National Purple Heart Day

The “Military Order of the Purple Heart” was first awarded by George Washington in 1782, particularly for the veterans of the American Revolution who in “Any Singularly Meritorious Action” deserved one. Originally called the Military Merit Decoration, it was given to six veterans, though there may have been more that went unrecorded. It was made of purple silk cut into a heart shape with a thin edge of silver with the word merit inscribed across it.

The medal went dormant until World War 1 when 320,518 Americans were awarded the Purple Heart, now given to those who have been wounded or killed, and in some case for other special merit actions. This time the medals were awarded in the name of the President of the United States.

In 1932 a special day was set aside for those who had earned the Purple Heart but it varied from state-to-state, and city-to-city. Once again, with no wars taking place, the medal was set aside until General Douglas McArthur convinced Congress to re-designate the medal for those wounded or killed during World War 2. Another 1,076,245 were issued before the war was over. George Washington’s bust was added to the medal to give it even more meaning.

The medal has been in constant use since World War 2. 118,650 were issued during the Korean War, another 351,794 for Vietnam. Estimated numbers since then through 2010, include 607 for the Gulf War, 7,027 for Afghanistan and 35,321 in Iraq.

Since then, the Purple Heart has also been awarded to wounded animals in military service. The Purple Heart is the oldest medal in American history. The National Purple Heart Hall of Fame is in New Windsor, N.Y..

How to celebrate – Honor those who have fallen, or been wounded, in defense of America.  Visit the Hall of Fame in New Windsor. Find out if anyone in your family has ever earned a Purple Heart.