May 20th Armed Forces Day

While the idea that we could live in peace without armed forces to protect us is probably a perfect setting, it is an unrealistic one as well. There will always be those that want to harm us, force us to live as they want us to live and do the things they want us to do. Armed Forces allow us to keep our freedom, and often help others to keep their freedoms as well. We celebrate the Army here in the United States, formed in 1775, The Air Force formed in 1947. The Navy formed in 1775 as well as the Marines, the Coast Guard launched in 1790 and our most recent military force, Space Force created in 2019. We celebrate today every third Saturday in may, originally created by Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson on August 31st, 1949 and by Presidential Proclamation under Harry Truman on May 20th, 1950.

How to celebrate – Thank a soldier for all they do. Read about the formation of all the different branches of military service. Become aware of the different armed forces functions.


April 15th World Art Day

Today was created in 2011 by Turkey in the General Assembly of the International Association of Art in Guadalajara, Mexico. While most of us think of art as paintings it involves all sorts of art including sculpture, modeling, crafting and any other form of art you can create. The idea of the day is to show children different art they can create, both conservative and modern. It is more an expression than a literal form. Remember, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

How to celebrate – Enjoy all different forms of art. Learning how to create your own art. Express yourself through your art.

March 17th St. Patrick’s Day

Ah the luck of the Irish… you know, they really haven’t been all that lucky over the years. Things got better once St, Patrick, not an Irishman, visited the Emerald Isle bringing Christianity to them and chasing away all the snakes. That was around 400 AD but the first St. Patrick’s Day parade did not happen until 1762 and it wasn’t in Ireland, it was in New York City! The Irish are truly good intended, hard working people. They, like nearly every other race of the world, have had their issues but today we celebrate what they have accomplished, become and brought to us all.

How to celebrate – Be proud to be Irish. Visit Ireland. Read about St. Patrick.

March 2nd Old Stuff Day

It just seems like the old stuff is so much better than the new stuff. At least it worked most of the time where the new stuff normally fails. It’s sad to think we have progressed all that we have only to find ourselves surrounded by failures both in regular life and in government. We have become a society structured around failure. But, at least we can look back and realize now just how really good the old stuff actually was… that is since we have the new and improved stuff to rely on not working.

How to celebrate – Save the old stuff, it is far superior to the new stuff. Visit back in the day when people actually cared about the stuff they made and how it was used. Check out how valuable some of the old stuff is today!

February 16th Do A Grouch A Favor Day

I’m not exactly sure how you do a grouch a favor other than leave them alone. If you do anything for them it will seem more like you have done something to them and they won’t appreciate it anyway. Once a Curmudgeon always a Curmudgeon! There will always be people ;like Scrooge and Archie Bunker, puppets like Oscar and whatever it is you call Moe of the Three Stooges. I think the answer is, live and let live. Grouch and let grouch. Just do it the best you are able.

How to celebrate – Find a Grouch and do them a favor. Remember if they like what you do they will probably no longer be a grouch. Could we have a Christmas Carol without Scrooge? No, I don’t think so!

December 27th Make Cutout Snowflakes Day

If you live in the north this may not be a day that appeals to you much because you get snow and what’s the point of making cutout snowflakes? Right? Well, in the south, where snow is rare, we like to see those flakes but don’t normally get to see them. Admittedly, laying a bunch of paper or material out in the yard isn’t real appealing but hey, a snowflake is a snowflake… right? Or maybe you can just put those snowflakes on the windows and pretend it is snowing outside every time you look out.

How to celebrate – Cut out some snowflakes. Make snowflakes and send them to your friends. Save your snowflakes for the summer to cool your house down.

November 17th Homemade Bread Day

There is nothing like the smell of homemade bread baking in a house that turns that house instantly into a home. Bread, a basic part of the diet for thousands of years, has been around since 5,000 to 10,000 BC. I know, that’s not narrowing it down a lot but it’s as close as science can get! There’s white bread, wheat bread, rye bread, nearly any kind of grain can be turned into bread, it just depends on your preferences. Today was probably created by the Homemade Bread Day Committee of Montague, WI though no one seems to know for sure.

How to celebrate – Make some bread today. Make some bread for your neighbors. Visit a bakery.

November 2nd Look For Circles Day

Today we should all look for circles. I haven’t the foggiest reason why but they will appear nearly everywhere. Tires on cars, steering wheels, some street signs, rings, even the circle of life. Circles make up nearly some part of everything we see, and do. In rings it means the never ending circle of love, on streets it means that road you can never get off of and when made into fields of corn it means someone is goofing on us all again! Enjoy your circles and don’t forget to look for them today.

How to celebrate – Count how many circles you see today. Travel in circles on purpose. See how many things you can name that are made in circles.

October 27th Navy Day

Navy Day celebrates…. wait for it…. the Navy! Surprised!?! The U.S. Navy was created o OCT 13th, 1775 because well, they needed it to fight the American Revolution. The day was created by the Navy League in 1922 and put on Theodore Roosevelt’s birthday since he was one of the more aggressive Secretary’s of the Navy. Which of, course, was when the Maine was sunk in Cuba, maybe on purpose, maybe an act of war or maybe an accident. No one will ever know. And Roosevelt did do a lot for the Navy, he built it up to become a world class Navy. Oddly, however, he joined the Army to go fight the war in Cuba.

How to celebrate – Admire the Navy we have today, it is the words best. Read all Roosevelt did for the Navy. Celebrate our Naval personnel and thank them for their service.

August 12th World Elephant Day

For being a 13,000-pound animal, Elephants are pretty graceful. They general eat some 16 hours day to keep their weight mass up. They are called nature’s gardeners as they only eat plants. Its only real enemy is man and we have done a lot of damage in the name of getting ivory. Over half of the world’s population of elephants, both in Africa and Asia have been slaughtered by man. Elephants do have a great memory as well and can live up to 86 years, There have been over some 300 different species Elephants over time some of which have been completely hunted down.

How to celebrate – Go on Safari so you can see the animal’s natural habitat. Get an Elephant for a pet, but you probably need to house break them. Care about your world and the animals in it