January 11th Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day

In 1838, Samuel Morse, Alford Vail and Joseph Henry introduced what was called the Morse Code. I am not sure why it was Morse who got the credit, maybe he was the leader, paid for the work or just forced his way in but we all know it as the Morse Code today. At one time it was all thew rage and saved many a military man, as well as others but today it has fallen out of favor for many, many reason. But still it would be nice to keep the code alive and you can do that by spelling your name with a series of dots and dashes. Oh, and April 27th is the actual Morse Code Day.

How to celebrate – Learn your name in Morse Code. Use Morse Code to communicate with your friends. Try to figure out why April 27th is Morse Code Day and who created today!

January 10th National House Plant Appreciation Day

Go on… admit it… I know you talk you your plants. I certainly do. I try to give them words of encouragement from time to time especially on the few cold days down here in Florida. Plants are great – they help with making a room bright and cheery, they can provide salads for us, and they are a great obstacle for your cat or dog as they run through your house (just make sure you have nontoxic plants around). National Houseplant Appreciation Day was established by The Gardener’s Network

How to celebrate – Go to a nursery to pick out a new house plant. Come up with a list of affirming phrases to tell your new plant. Give your plant an occasional walk especially in July for Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day.

January 10th Peculiar People Day

We all know at least one Peculiar person don’t we? Maybe we are that one peculiar person someone else knows! There is normally nothing wrong with a peculiar person, or at least we hope there isn’t. They are just odd for some reason or the other. It may be the way they speak or the things they do, they may collect peculiar things or watch odd movies but it’s still okay, well most of the time anyway. Live and let live I say… but don’t quote me because someone wiser said that before me! Enjoy the people around you even with their faults, after-all… you may be odd in their eyes too!

How to celebrate – Figure out who that peculiar person is that you know. List what others might find peculiar about you! Enjoy people for who they are.

January 9th Play God Day

None of us should ever play God (well unless you are someone in a theatrical event with names like Evan or Bruce…) The one thing for sure is that we should never be making decisions that should be left up to God, whether we get them right or not, we will eventually pay the price for it. At least consult God, through prayer, hopefully He will give you the answer.

How to celebrate – Follow your belief.

January 8th Bubble Bath Day

All those bubbles! They are soothing, fun to look at and normally smell nice. Still, I’m not a bath guy. I mean, I don’t understand sitting in a tub of dirty water. Just doesn’t seem logical to me. Now I suppose if you take a shower first that might work but then… do you need the bath too? I guess you can relax better that way. Anyway, if you like bubble baths, make it a regular thing! (You don’t have to wait for January 8th to take one.)

How to celebrate – Take a bubble bath. Don’t forget your rubber duck! Find a friend to share your bubbles.

January 7th Old Rock Day

We aren’t talking about Kiss, The Doors and The Rolling Stones here… well, maybe the Rolling Stones. We are talking about fossils, those rocks so old no one on earth remembers the creatures that made them. Some people have even become fossils, not that we look for them much. (And no, it’s not your grandma or grandpa.) Anyway, today we celebrate old rocks in our lives. (So I guess that means you can listen to the Rolling Stones after all!) It’s funny, as we get older the rocks seem to get younger to us!

How to celebrate – See if you can find a real “gem” in those rocks you look for. Remember a lump of coal is basically an old rock. Join a fossil hunting group.

January 6th Feast of the Epiphany – Three Kings Day

The three kings of the orient did not reach the manger until January 6th, having followed the star that guided them to where the baby Jesus lay sleeping. When you look at your manger scene celebrating Christmas do you have the wise men there before they had actually arrived? Most of us do.

This is one of the reasons why there are twelve days of Christmas… it did not all come together in one single night as we have be told by legend. It did not probably even occur in December as we now celebrate. The date is not as important as the action.

The wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh. They were all valuable items in their day. These gifts that they brought to the baby Jesus is probably why we give gifts to each other at Christmas. We all know about gold, most of us have smelled frankincense but I doubt many of us have used myrrh.

Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar all brought the best they had to offer to the new born King. I don’t believe legend tells us how they knew about the birth, maybe there is a story that I have not heard of. Whatever the reason they came, following the star to lead them to their King. But it did not come on December 25th when The Baby was born.

How to celebrate – Don’t be so fast to end Christmas. Study the true meaning of the holiday and where the traditions came from. Find your own star to follow where God leads you.

January 6th Cuddling Day

It’s probably cold where you are so why not cuddle up with a friend, lover or even a favorite pet! It will keep both of you warm. It is true that females generally like cuddling more than males, not really sure why except maybe females normally get cold faster than males. Or maybe that doesn’t have anything to do with it. Anyway, if you like to cuddle, or like to please the one you cuddle, today is the day to do it. Today is all about giving and feeling the warmth of another and expressing your love for them without expecting anything more.

How to celebrate – Find someone, or something, to cuddle. Set aside time to spend with a loved one. Start a fire if you have a fireplace.

January 5th National Bird Day

They sing for us, keep the insect population down and poop on our cars… what don’t you like about birds!?! Actually they are kinda cool and how many times have we wished we could fly like them? Well, maybe not Superman or Supergirl, but most of us anyway. Today is the National day to watch and enjoy birds! And if you really want something to do, name as many of the between 9,000 and 10,000 species of birds you can name.

How to celebrate – What is your favorite type of bird? Go on a nature walk. Migrate just like the birds do.

January 4th Trivia Day

So, do you know who created trivia day? Do you know who created trivia? Do you know who created the day? Well today is the day to find out. (Not that it will really matter since it’s all trivial anyway!) It’s amazing what useless information we can fill our heads with. Well Robert L. Birch of the Grand PunScorpion Pun Corp added another bit of trivia we can all add to that useless list, having to remember today! Remember Trivial Pursuit? Does anyone play that anymore? And who determines what’s trivial and what isn’t?

How to celebrate – Create some new trivia. (Can you actually do that?) Remember what is trivial to one is important to another. Play Trivial Pursuit!