May 18th International Museum Day

You may wonder why museums are often houses of artwork. History is more than artwork though the art does depict the era it comes from well. The fact is that most piece of history are often though useless or of little importance so it is discarded along the way. Those paintings, sculptures and other works of art are perceived as having some value so they are kept around because of value, not usefulness. So when you go to a museum and see nothing but art, look at the items in the paintings and such and see the true history of an era since so many of the real items have just been thrown away.

How to celebrate – Save things you know to be historic. Support a museum. Visit the Louvre in Paris built in 1792.


May 17th Pack Rat Day

If you love to hoard stuff, somethings you might need, something you think you might need, and somethings you know you will never need but just think you should keep you are a pack rat. A pack rat never likes to get rid of anything and I admit, I am a pack rat. The things I keep I think are useful. or may become useful at some point. Fact is that as soon as I get rid of it I find I could ave used that something useless for something important, at least to me. There is a point when you have to say enough is enough, like hen you can find anything because there is so much junk on top of it!

How to celebrate – Have a throw out party! Have a yard sale! Determine what is really important and what you can live without.

May 16th Love A Tree Day

You got to love trees. You won’t live long if you don’t since they supply the oxy6gen we need to breath. They also provide shade and hold the ground together with their roots, they serve as landmarks and protect from erosion. Some supply fruit, some nuts and nearly all tree provide homes for animals. They supply wood to build our homes with and to make furniture from, they enable us to have paper to write on, read from and express our own forms of art on… all while being a work of art unto themselves.

How to celebrate – Learn the different types of trees. Plant a tree when you have your first baby and watch them both grow. Help save the forests.

May 15th Police Officer’s Memorial Day

There are good accountants, and there are bad accountants… there are bad Presidents and there are worse Presidents, and there are good police officers and there are those that struggle to be good but try to depend on anyone else to help you if you are in need of help. Today we celebrate those officers that have passed in the line of duty protecting us. None of the rest of us have gone as far as they do and never will. To make them out to be the enemy is only stupidity. Congress voted to make today Police Memorial Day for those who have fallen.

How to celebrate – Thank the police for what they do. Stop trying to prove them wrong, they are right 99.9% of the time. Remember police are humans too, we tend to forget that a lot.

May 14th Lilac Sunday

Even though lilacs are not native to the US, the come from Southern Europe and Asia, one of the world’s largest festivals is held for ten days in Rochester, NY celebrating the purple, perfumed lilac since 1905. Lilacs were brought to the United States sometime during the 1750’s and they flourished here, spread across the country to brighten our days and fill our senses with a wonderful scent. We celebrate the lilac on the 2nd Sunday of May (As well as Mother’s Day).

How to celebrate – Plant some lilacs. Get Lilac scents air fresheners. Visit the festival in Rochester, NY.

May 13th Leprechaun Day

If you are looking to celebrate all the Irish Elves in your life, today is the day… it’s Leprechaun Day! You know, those magical figures that appear in Irish folklore who have a pot of gold at the end of their rainbow and lucky stars in their cereal. Some swear that Leprechauns are real, others now they aren’t… I don;t think it matters much, it’s fun to make believe and throw a little hope into the day that something magical might happen to you!

How to celebrate – Pretend to be a Leprechaun. Look for the end of the rainbow, Visit Ireland.

May 12th Limerick Day

Limericks were created by William Edward Lear who lived from 1812 to 1888 in his Book of Nonsense written in 1846. A limerick is a humorous verse, or poem, that is 5 lines long with the first, second and fifth lines in ryhme, and the 3rd and 4th in ryhme. The limerick is named after Limerick, Ireland.

There once was an old man with a beard. Who said, “It is just as I feared. Two owls and a hen, Four Larks and a Wren, Have all built their nests in my beard”

How to celebrate – Make up your own limericks. Visit Limerick, Ireland. Read the “Book of Nonsense”

May 11th Twilight Zone Day

Of course the Twilight Zone is a show written and produced by World War 2 veteran Ros Serling that ran from 1959 to 1964. It began on October 1st, 1959 and featured Rod Serling setting up unusual stories for his time, and even for today. The spiral beginning to the show became a trademark as the television network was transporting you to a different time and different place. Actually the show was way ahead of other shows around it with ideas and shooting styles that taught many future film makers. Perhaps one of the more oddly different things about today, befitting The Twilight Zone, is that… no one can find any connection between May 11th and the Twilight Zone.

How to celebrate – Watch old Twilight Zone shows. Learn about Rod Serling. Check out all the soon to be stars that first appeared on the Twilight Zone.

May 10th Clean Your Room Day

You have to admit, most of the time our rooms are so filled with clutter than we can’t even find a chair to sit in. That’s because every chair is filled up with something we either couldn’t find some place else to put or were too lazy to put in the right place in the first place. The funny thing is, often when we do get around to clean up our rooms we can’t find the things we are looking for because now they are in the right place. But, you will feel better if you actually put things where they are supposed to be, even if you have to then spend a week looking for them.

How to celebrate – Clean up your room, rooms. Just put stuff away in the first place! If things are bad enough, just move.

May 9th National Teacher’s Day

Teachers are vastly under appreciated in nearly every society in the world. they work hard, are generally under paid and are often hampered by administrations that have no idea how to, or what to, teach anyone let alone children. We have made their lives even more complicated by forcing them to teach things that they should never have to teach, things that are only important to egos, not knowledge. We cannot teach each other how to feel, or what to feel so we should stop before the lines between being a teacher and being a puppet forever blur into one.

How to celebrate – Thank those teachers you know that actually still teach. Maybe the US wouldn’t be behind Japan and China in education if we actually taught useful things. Stop trying to change society through children who don;t know better.