June 19th National Kissing Day

If you don’t want to wait for International Kissing Day in July you can get a jump start by having yours today. Today seems to have started in the US but apparently other countries picked up on it too. International was created in the UK. So find a partner and have a kiss, or an animal, or yourself. I think, however, for it to count they have to kiss you back… though I am not sure. You must remember this a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh, the fundamental things apply, as time goes by. Whatever that all means…

How to celebrate – Kiss someone. (Make sure they are willing or law suits may apply) Try to break the Guinness Record for kissing, a little over 58 hours. Go to a Carnival and visit the kissing booth.

June 18th Go Fishing Day

Since you are already out on the road from yesterday, why not use one of your days to fish!?! It is relaxing for the most part because most of us never catch a fish anyway so it’s all about sitting there, having a beverage of your choice and enjoying nature. (Unless, of course, you have stocked your pool with fish and are fishing at home.) Oh, and general practice today is to throw the fish back in after you’ve caught it. I am told fish do not feel pain so they should be okay. I wonder who asked the fish that but that’s another subject entirely. Don’t forget the worms!

How to celebrate – Go fishing. Find a favorite fishing spot. Try deep sea fishing for something different.

June 17 Take A Road Trip Day

It’s the middle of summer, kids are out of school and looking for something to do… so why not take a road trip. What better way to discover America, or whatever country you are in than to drive through it and see what all it has to offer. Today always falls on the 3rd Friday in June as created by Bob Matthews of Holiday Insights. You may want to plan it with dropping your kids off at a summer camp so that you can actually enjoy the trip yourself!

How to celebrate – Go on a road trip. Take a map in case your GPS goes out. Make sure everything in your car is in tip top shape.

June 16th International Waterfall Day

Waterfalls are beautiful to look at, dangerous to try and tempt and can be another source of power if we ever figure them out. The tallest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls in Venezuela with a 3,212 foot drop. Probably the most famous is Niagara Falls here in the US. Where ever there are falls there has to be a great source of water constantly available. Another one of those mysteries, at least to me, that Mother Nature provides. How can they not dry up at some point?

How to celebrate – Look around your area for waterfalls. Create a waterfall in your backyard. Start a photo collection of the waterfalls you see.

June 15th Global Wind Day

Global Wind Day was created back in 2007 by the European Wind Energy Association as it explored and began the operation of harnessing the wind to provide power. It isn’t particularly a new idea, man has been using wind for centuries to power his needs. The windmills, shipping and piracy all used wind to propel them into the future. We are still working on the idea, a clean form of energy, though it still needs perfecting. It’s another of those great ideas that Mother Nature offers man needs to use to it’s fullest.

How to celebrate – Study all the different things wind has powered over the years. Build your own wind power source. Discover the best areas in the world for wind.

June 14th National Goat Day

June 20th National Goat Day

There are at least a half dozen goat days on the internet, today is one created for, and by, Facebook. I have to admit that I really haven’t checked into this goat day so I’m not sure what separates it from the others. From a brief look it seems like a lot of those online are pets rather than a meal. When I lived on  farm we did have a pet goat. I do not remember playing with it or bringing it in the house but I do remember it being tied to the porch for us to play with. So if you like goats, today is a great day, share your celebrations on Facebook with others.

How to celebrate – Go on Facebook. Get a goat as a pet. Come up with a cool name like… Billy… for your pet’s name.

June 14th National Skunk Day

June 14th National Skunk Day

Well, you knew this one had to be in there somewhere. It’s the day we celebrate the most smelly animal ever, the skunk. They do actually make pretty decent pets and you can have the scent glans removed. They normally only live about 4 years in the wild though so don’t get too attached. The “Mephitis mephitis” (It’s scientific name) means, “Bad Odor” so I am guessing the just one “Mephitis” isn’t as bad? Their scent is a defensive reaction in order to protect it, but they can only use that once every ten days so maybe that is why they live such a short time.

How to celebrate – There are 8 different species of skunk, find out what types there are. Try to make a pet out of one. Watch Pepee Lapue cartoons on You Tube.

June 14th Flag Day

No matter what country you are from, you should be proud of your flag. A lot of people died to make sure you had one, the symbol of your country and all that it has accomplished. There are a lot of rules about how to fly and protect your flag, too many to go over here, but a few include not letting it touch the ground, not flying it upside down, and only flying it in daylight unless it is lit. Our flag here in the US was first called the Continental Colors and was first flown June 14th, 1777. It is said Betsy Ross created it but now we are not sure. Flag Day was created here by Woodrow Wilson in 1916 though many individuals proudly flew their flags long before that.

How to celebrate – Respect your flag. Honor your country. Design your own family flag.

June 2022 Boxes Part 1

June 13th Sewing Machine Day

Imagine if we were still sewing everything by hand! A shirt today would probably cost like $10,000.00! There is some debate where and when the first sewing machine was created. It is mentioned in 1830’s Europe and finally appears in the US around 1846. The patent here came on September 10th, 1846 to Elias Howe. So why is June 13th Sewing Machine day? Good question, no one seams (Get it) to know! So while we generally give a lot of credit to Elias Howe, I guess he was just copying something he saw or heard of.

How to celebrate – Research until you find the true reason Sewing Machine Day is on June 13th. Buy a sewing machine. Learn how to sew.