September 18th Wife Appreciation Day

While celebrated on September 18th officially, today really should be appreciated every day of the year. Wives make homes and families possible, no matter how much many men try to get the job done, they are not anywhere as capable as most women. While we have Mother’s Day not all wives are mothers, so we should celebrate them for who they are, not what they are. Even if they are mothers they still deserve the thanks and appreciation from their mates and families. Today is always celebrated on the third Sunday in September.

How to celebrate – Appreciate your wife. Take your wife to dinner, no kids, just her. Try and make your wife’s day as easy as you can.

September 17th National Fox Day

The Fox gets a kinda bad rap. They are generally gentle animals but since they do eat meat, they will go after animal smaller than them, one of which is the chicken, making farmers very angry. They are also targets for any larger meat eater like coyotes, or wild boars, or even bears. The average fox is under ten pounds, and they are shy, running away from people if they are able to. In Canada there are four basic types of fox, the red, grey, swift, and Arctic. Properly listed, a fox is in the Procyon Wildlife family. They have a 2-month gestation with babies and generally have 5 pups at a time.

How to celebrate – See if you can find a fox in the wild. A fox does not make a good pet unless you raise it from birth. Research what types of foxes are found throughout the world.

September 17th National Pet Bird Day

Over six million homes are filled with the joyful music pet birds bring into them. They are assisted by the Bird Enjoyment and Advantage Koalition group which yes, their initials do spell out BEAK. Koalition is apparently a word used in Europe for alliance or unity. Do be prepared though in make a pet of a bird. They are fun and delightful to listen to but they do make a huge mess. And if they do talk, never teach them to say “Here kitty, kitty.”

How to celebrate – Check out all the birds you can make pets out of. Birds have been pets since the 4000 BC, your not getting a totally exotic pet. Make sure your bird has plenty to eat and clean water to drink.

September 17th Constitution Day

Of course we all know about the Declaration of Independence and we all talk about the Constitution we kind of mush the two things together. They are not the same documents. Constitutional Congress last met on September 17th, 1787 to sign the Constitution, a work long labored over that guides and protects citizens of the United States. It is not perfect, but strives to be as comprehensive as possible, including all as best as the forefathers could imagine at the time. The document went into effect on March 4th, 1789.

How to celebrate – Read the Constitution. Appreciate the efforts of those men far beyond their time. Try to come up with a better Constitution yourself.

September 16th American Legion Day

Congress declared there should be a day to honor those soldiers returning from World War 1 in 1919. It was finally actually declared, and created, to be September 16th in 2009. Of course today it includes any American soldier that has served over seas during any time of war, or even during peace. There are over 3 million members in some 14,000 posts across the United States. It is a place where old friends and fellow veterans can get together to remember both the victories, and the losses they share together.

How to celebrate – Honor a veteran. Make today special for any Legions in your area. Search your families history for Veterans of Foreign Wars.

September 15th Make A Hat Day

When you woke up this morning didn’t you feel the urge to make a hat!?! Something that might show off your personality or heritage or maybe both? I know I wake up most mornings thinking it’s a great day to make as hat but am disappointed that I will be the only one on that day making a hat. So it’s particularly special to me that today is Make A Hat Day so that I know I am not the only one, along with that guy from Alice In Wonderland, that will be making one. Remember the mercury!

How to celebrate – Make a hat. Figure out what materials you want to make a hat out of. Give your hat some purpose or reason for brightening up your day!

September 14th National Cream-filled Donut Day

What makes a donut better!?! Fill thew center of it with some flavoring that adds to the taste, and sugar intake, we all so enjoy. That center filling can be made out of nearly any flavor you enjoy, Whipped cream, Bavarian Cream , Chocolate Cream, whatever tickles your fancy. Oddly they are becoming a little harder to find than they use to be. I’m not really sure why, I guess it takes a little more effort to make and maybe the donuts not last as long on the shelf. (Though if they last long enough to spoil they probably weren’t a very good donut to start with.

How to celebrate – Have a cream-filled donut today. Make up your own cream-filled donut recipe. Learn to spell doughnut the right way.

September 13th Defy Superstition Day

Created back in 1999 by someone unknown, Defy Superstition Day is exactly what it sounds like. It means tempt any superstition you may be able to tempt today. This could end well, or not… superstitions aren’t always just superstitions formed for no reason at all. Like walking under a ladder. The idea of walking under a ladder is considered superstitious but it can also be a pretty good idea! Friday the 13th is another superstition. Friday the 13th is just like any other day with the exception of how we think about it. If you think it is a superstitious day it will be, for you because most of us go out of our way to avoid problems on the 13th which actually probably causes more things to happen than if we never knew.

How to celebrate – Defy any superstition you think is real today. Tempt fate (Not always a good idea) Keep track of the superstition you defy and win against.

September 12th National Video Games Day

As opposed to just Video Games Day, today we celebrate National Video Games Day which is also celebrated in July – your guess is as good as mine). What’s the difference? Well, there really isn’t a difference except that the idea of celebrating the day locally verses national seems to apply. With all the advancement in video games these days it’s pretty easy to spend an entire day learn just how to play a game. It is amazing the advances we have had, from the first days of Pong to the latest AR games the world of gaming has advance so far that the difference between something being a game and something being real is often only in the package it comes in.

How to celebrate – Play video games all day. Try out some new video games. Learn how to code for video games.

September 11th No News Is Good News Day

In an era when most of the news we get is some sort of bad news perhaps the idea should be to turn off your radio, television, stop the newspapers and don’t listen to anyone wanting to update you on the latest events. Between Wars, Pandemics, Shootings and Illegal Aliens enough is sort of enough. Just consider the past. All of this stuff happened in the past, we just didn’t hear about it and as such, we didn’t think it actually happened. The bury your head in the sand idea. It certainly didn’t lend to someone copycatting another crime of some sort.

How to celebrate – Turn off the news, just for today. Do not get your mail for a day. Do not listen to what anyone says during the day.