November 25th World Safari Day

November 25th World Safari Day

The jungles are diminishing all over the world as we build new homes, shopping malls and use the products found there quicker than they can be reproduced. The African Bush Camps company has decided to do something about that by creating today for people to become aware of the preservation and rejuvenation required to keep nature from being destroyed. How about going on a safari using a camera to shoot animals instead of a rifle or bow!?! It is more daring and takes an equal amount of skill or perhaps, even more.

How to celebrate – Go on a camera safari. Give to organizations trying to save the wilderness. Tell me one good reason you need to kill an elephant.

August 10th World Lion Day

The King of the Beasts! This feline roams Africa and Asia with few animals that will challenge it for it’s title. It’s easy to see that a Lion’s Roar could scare most beasts in the animal kingdom. The day was created to bring awareness of the plight of the lion which is loosing it’s natural habitat due to man’s invasion of it’s native lands. As with all animals, their worst enemy is man, that’s sad. The day was created by the Big Cat Rescue, Dereck & Beverly Joubert.

How to celebrate – Go on a safari, with a camera. Help preserve all animals habitats. See how you can help the Big Cat Rescue.

May 1st Save The Rhino Day

May 1st Save The Rhino Day

Did you know that Rhinos have been on earth for over a million years!?! In fact, they are considered to be living dinosaurs. Over time they have been hunted for their horns, made of the same material as your fingernails (so, if you have long nails you may want to watch out!).  Like so many of the earth’s animals they are not hunted for food but for items we could all easily do without.

How to celebrate – Visit rhinos in a zoo. Give to a charity trying to preserve the rhino. Visit Africa and see rhinos in the wild.