July 24th National Tequila Day

July 24th National Tequila Day

You can thank Mexico for it’s blue agave juice for today. Add a little lime and salt around the time of your glass and you have your nearly perfect drink. It’s actually refreshing as well as intoxicating! It’s history dates back to the 16th century and is either named for the town it is originally created in or the town is named for the drink… that depends on how much Tequila you’ve had. Over 300 million blue agave plants are harvested every year to create the drink. Bottoms up!

How to celebrate – Have a Tequila. Try growing your own blue agave plants. Stock up on your salt and lime.

July 19th National Daiquiri Day

A daiquiri is made from rum, lime juice, sugar and lots of ice, suggested addition is a fruit flavoring of your choice… probably strawberry but really any fruit will do. All is shaken and served cold. Jennings Stockton Cox is credited with inventing the drink, he was an American mining engineer. (Lets hope he wasn’t drinking a daiquiri while design his mines.) In the 1940’s Ernest Hemingway was credited with concocting the frozen daiquiri when a bartender accidentally used a blender to make his drink.

How to celebrate – Have a daiquiri. Make up your own recipe for a daiquiri. Make a virgin daiquiri for the kids.

February 27th Open That Bottle Night

Finally, a night to celebrate instead of a day! This holiday always falls on the last Saturday in February and was created by Dorothy Gaither and John Becher in 2000. Why? Because, “it’s five o’clock somewhere”. Now I have to admit when I first heard of today my mind went instantly to those bottles of wine or alcohol that are like 500 years old that no one opens until just the right occasion. But nope, this is just about opening any bottle and getting busy drinking. At least it suggests that you wait until night to do it.

How to celebrate – Open a bottle! Drink with a friend. Nothing says that bottle has to be alcoholic so open any bottle you choose!

July 19th National Daiquiri Day

In 1898 Jennings Stockton Cox came up with the idea for the modern day daiquiri. He was a mining engineer in Cuba and was looking for something that would be refreshing and alcoholic, his fellow miners needed something to look forward to at the end of the day. It was a success! The favorite flavor then, as it is now, was strawberry. It was the dead of summer and he felt that the drink would lighten the spirits, one way or the other! It was named for the village the Venus Bar was located in. All I have been able to find in the Spanish translation is that is a noun, I presume someone’s name. Ernest Hemingway found a way to make it even more refreshing and talked a Havana, Cuba bartender to put ice in blender and create the frozen daiquiri. That was in the 1940’s. Any fruit can be used to make the daiquiri and it can be frozen of chilled. Add a little rum and it’s nearly the perfect adult drink.

How to celebrate – Have a daiquiri! Invent your own flavor of daiquiri. Visit Cuba (Once it’s legal again).

April 7th National Beer Day

Many do not realize that beer was included during prohibition. Anything that contained any level of alcohol was included and prohibited. Franklin Delano Roosevelt repealed that law on March 22nd, 1933. The law was to go into effect on April 7th, 1933. April 6th became “New Beer’s Eve” as people celebrated being able to have a beer for the first time in years. In fact, 1.5 million barrels of beer are consumed in America every year. Considering each barrel contains 55 gallons of beers… that’s a whole lot of beer. Today was created on April 7th, 1993 to celebrate the idea of getting America’s favorite drinks back in 1933. In many places in the world it is safer to drink beer than it is to drink water. That leaves some room for thought… but not too much.

How to celebrate – Have a beer. Visit a Speak Easy, now on the “to do” list in many places, taking you back to what it was like during prohibition. Brew your own beer.

August 16th National Rum Day

August 16th National Rum Day


The pirates drink of choice… maybe because it was so easy to get. Rum comes from molasses or sugar cane and blends well with many different types of mixers. It comes in many flavors these days for those who seek variety.


The most sought-after rum seems to come from the Caribbean Islands, perhaps why it was the pirates drink of choice. It also may have led indirectly to the American Revolution when the Crown placed a tax on sugar, in 1764, that helped start the disenchantment between England and America.


How to celebrate – Have some rum tonight! (If you are old enough) Explore the different types and flavors of rum. Invent your own special rum drink.

June 8th National Name Your Poison Day

Name Your Poison Day June 8th, 2018

National Name Your Poison Day


Name your poison has long been referred to from old pirate or old west days in historical legend. It is a bartenders way of asking what sort of drink do you want, since alcohol was considered poison. However, the truth of name your poison actually falls on making choices.


In many cases, no matter which choice you make you might end up losing. So the idea of choosing your poison means, since neither choice is a good one, which way will you go.


It falls right in with choosing between a rock and a hard place or choosing to teach by tough love.


How to celebrate – Go to a bar and “Name your poison”. Take the day to make some of tough decisions you have been waiting to make. Dress up like an old west pirate.

April 7th National Beer Day

Do you remember prohibition? Well, you’ve probably heard of it but didn’t live through it. No alcoholic drinks were allow in America, anywhere. In Europe the beer is safer to drink than the water! Maybe that’s why you don’t see them banning beer, ever.

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By 1933 American’s had had it. Fortunately so had President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and a man named Cullen, and a man named Harrison. In March, 1933 the Cullen-Harrison act brought beer out of the dark ages in America and allowed Americans to enjoy one of their favorite pass times, drinking beer. The new law went into effect April 7th, 1933. April 6th was considered New Beer’s Eve as people lined up to get their beer, legally.


The next day, 1.5 million barrels of beer and ale were consumed. Oddly now, some 80 years later, all of the large American beer companies are owned by foreign countries. Now we only have small breweries making it a craft industry. In the future, we may have set up our own type of prohibition.

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But not today. I do believe that drinking beer is an acquired taste. Most are rather bitter, to me, and do little to quench my thirst. However, I think most would disagree with me as they still buy beers in the millions, if not billions, of various containers.

How to celebrate – Enjoy a beer. Try several new types of beer to see if you can find one you like better than another. Don’t drive and drink.

September 20th National Punch Day

With all the holidays coming it is only natural that our thoughts turn to what punch we serve at our parties. Well, maybe not natural, but important. Well today is the day for that thought process to begin. It’s National Punch Day, a day to reflect on punch, plan your punch and to start punching!

Though I find no evidence to support my theory, I think punch was invented when some cook had a bunch of fruit juices left over from other drinks, but not enough to serve alone, and put everything together. Some mixtures probably turned out well while others, not so much. When the taste wasn’t what was expected, meaning good, they probably added booze to it so that no one cared.

Adding fruit to punch has made it prettier, and probably more palatable. Let us remember though, that many of our alcoholic drinks come from some mixture of fruit so it also served it’s purpose of making some parties a little happier than they might otherwise have been.

Not all punches need to be alcoholic in nature. In fact, here are some recipes that do not call for alcohol at all. Of course, most will find booze being added either on purpose or “by accident”.

How to celebrate – Enjoy a nice punch today, just don’t ask for a Hawaiian Punch. Try and make your own punch recipe. Throw a party just so you can serve punch.