January 16th National Nothing Day

This un-event day was created back in 1973 by Harold Pullman Coffin whom, I presume, wanted to do nothing at all on this date so declared the day “Nothing Day”. So the idea is do nothing, say nothing, accomplish nothing beyond breathing eating and sleeping. It may take some prep work though since you have to eat meaning you need to fix what you are going to eat yesterday so you don’t have to do any work today. Sometimes it’s really hard to do nothing at all and it can get really boring as well. If no one else is doing anything then there is no one toserve you, entertain you or even talk with… so, be careful what you wish for!

How to celebrate – Do nothing. Go nowhere. Visit no one.

July 11th Cheer Up The Lonely Day

We could all use a boost from others now and then, those who are lonely can use that boost even more. The odd thing about trying to cheer up the lonely is that it’s possible to be lonely in a room filled with people. Sometimes it’s just a matter of making someone smile or think of better times in their lives by reminding them of those times. So when we realize that being lonely isn’t actually about being alone, then we can hopefully begin to cheer up the lonely. Today was created by Francis Pesek of Detroit, Michigan.

How to celebrate – Visit a retirement home. Show someone you care. Share memories with someone to remind them of happier times.

July 11th Cheer Up The Lonely Day

With the billions of people on earth it seems hard to imagine people could be lonely, but they are, and in alarmingly growing numbers. People who are shut-ins, or living in nursing homes, are often left alone to wonder about life and suffer on their own believing no one cares. Some of these people have family who have more or less forgotten them. We human beings can solve a little of the suffering just by spending time with those who have no one. Just a few minutes of caring can go a long way. The day was created by Francis Pesek on his own birthday in an effort to recognize there is a need for people to connect.

How to celebrate – Visit someone who has no one else to care about them. Do something nice for someone. Look for that one person in a crowd who is still alone.

February 15th Singles Awareness Day

February 15th Singles Awareness Day

There are people who enjoy being single. They are filled with life not requiring another person to complete them. I am not sure about the awareness thing though… don’t they know if they are single or not? I guess the day is celebrated for those of us that think they are in need of someone when they really don’t. It is the Valentine’s Day for those who choose to live their lives on their own. After-all, you do have to love yourself before you can love someone else.

How to celebrate – Buy yourself a gift today. Take yourself out to dinner tonight. Live and let live.

October 29th Hermit Day

If you are tired of functioning in polite society maybe it’s time you give being a hermit a try. It’s actually pretty easy to do. Find a remote spot no one else knows about, don’t interact with anyone, don’t go to shop (Live off the land), don’t go to movies or the theater. Lose the internet, drop your phone into a canyon somewhere, don’t spend or earn money…. this is the life of a hermit. Now I know, there are times where this sounds like a really good idea but most of us cannot live that way, even more of us don’t want to live that way… but maybe for one day it’s not so bad. And today is the day. There have been a lot of hermits over time, most we have never heard of, primarily because they don’t want us to hear them! They think great thoughts, maybe even come up with the salvation of mankind… who knows? They never told us. (Or maybe we never heard them if they did tell us) If we all were hermits there would be no wars, no climate change, no politics… no love, no family and probably the earth would have died off centuries ago.

How to celebrate – List all the famous hermits you know. (This does not include the Herman Hermits) Get away from everyone and everything just for today. Learn to enjoy life as you live it.