January 20th National Cheese Lovers Day

Who doesn’t love cheese!?! I guess maybe people who are lactose intolerant but who else!?! Did you know that there are some 900-1,400 varieties of cheese? That quite a difference in numbers… anyway… cheeses are determined by texture.. and I always though it was taste! The first cheese appears to have come along by accident too somewhere between 7,500 and 8,000 BC in either Poland or Arabia. Why either Poland or Arabia? Too many questions for a cheese lover because all we want is more cheese!

How to celebrate – See how many different types of cheese you can name. Try and figure out why cheese was discovered in Poland or Arabia. Select your favorite cheeses and enjoy!

May 28th International Jazz Day

Jazz is a truly American invention, created sometime in the late 1800’s in New Orleans. Though it is American, the whole world seems to love jazz, often trying to do something to amaze the other jazz musicians across the world. This holiday always falls on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. It began in 1991 when D. Michael Denny of the New Jersey Jazz Society suggested it and it was actually recognized by the U.S. Congress the same year.

How to celebrate – Listen to some jazz. Figure out who your favorite jazz artist is. Go to New Orleans, the French Quarter.

April 12th Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Here is an American favorite! I don’t know, maybe it’s a worldwide favorite as well but it is also one of my favorites, the grilled cheese sandwich. Oddly, it did not exist until the 1920’s when someone actually produced sliced bread! I’ll bet the minute sliced bread became available someone was melting cheese on it. It is comfort food, friendly food and family food (best served with soup). And you can change it up a lot with the type of bread you use and the flavor of cheese you pick. Mix it up, or stick with the known, it’s a fun food to eat and yummy as well!

How to celebrate – Have a grilled cheese sandwich today. Try a different type of cheese than usual. Throw a grilled cheese sampler party.

January 20th National Cheese Lover Day

Who doesn’t love cheese! Well, may those lactose intolerant, but the rest of us do! It is believed cheese was discovered, perhaps by accident, in either present day Poland or Arabia. That narrows it down a bit. Perhaps closing it a little bit it was somewhere between 7,500 and 8,000 B.C.. There are between 900 and 1400 types of cheese, they are supposedly divide by the texture of the cheese. For some reason, it seems the worse they smell the better they are. They also seem to be better when combined with wine, if you like wine. So get some smelly cheese and fix a glass of wine, do they still make Ripple?, and have a party!

How to celebrate – How many types of cheese can you name? Think of everything you can put cheese on. Have a cheese tasting party.

November 29th Square Dance Day

“Swing Your Partner. Dosey Do!” Ah, the Square Dance, a truly American dance. Well, maybe not. It appears that squaring dancing comes from traditional dances in Ireland and Scotland, brought over when America was forming. Apparently, the only true American addition to the dancing came when a “Caller” was added to the dance, probably to announce and instruct the dancers as they learned the new variations. It’s appropriate it comes after Thanksgiving as we need to lose those added pounds we gained.

How to celebrate – Learn how to square dance. Learn how to become a “Caller”. Get yourself one of those fancy outfits even if you don’t square dance.

September 18th National Cheeseburger Day

If the national food of the United States is the hamburger then the cheeseburger is the better national food of the United States! Cheese enhances what is already good. The flavor you add can be your choice and each bring a little something different to the burger. Cheddar (sharp or mild), Swiss, Gouda, American, Feta, Parmesan, Camembert, or any of the other 1833 types of cheese known to man. If it melts it can go on your burger. With all that cheese in play, you may need to pick a wine to go with your cheeseburger!

How to celebrate – Have a cheeseburger. Sample different kinds of cheese on your burger. Watch old episodes of Saturday Night Live!

March 27th National "Joe" Day

If your name is “Joe”, or “Jo”, then today is your day. Perhaps it is the most common American name of all time. The name has been associated with soldiers, G.I. Joe being both a toy and a name used to describe American troops by countries that do not speak English. It also refers to coffee, “having a cup of Joe”. That’s because Americans have always been known for drinking so much coffee making it as common a drink as the name Joe. There is something comforting about the name Joe. Throughout history when an American was called Joe there was a pretty good chance their name was actually Joe! It’s not all that common anymore as we have begun to name our children names no one can say or understand. Ah, back when things were easier… so maybe having a “Joe” day is remembering when life was easier.

How to celebrate – Try to remember all the Joe’s you have known. Have a cup of Joe. Look at the changes G.I. Joe has gone through.

January 20th National Cheese Lovers Day

January 20th National Cheese Lovers Day

Well count me in, I love cheese! Then we get into the facts of how cheese probably came into being in the first place and your love for it may decline somewhat. So, I won’t get into those details because today is Cheese Lovers Day not, I Am Grossed Out By How Cheese Was Discovered Day. It is believed cheese was first discovered around 5,500 BCE in Poland. Shortly there-after someone first cut the cheese. There are over 1,400 varieties of cheese today with many of the flavors being created by adding bacteria, enzymes and fungi to alter the flavors. Yummy!

How to celebrate – Have some cheese. Throw a cheese tasting party. Make a list of your favorite cheeses.

September 18th National Cheeseburger Day

What makes a hamburger better? Cheese! Now you can add all sorts of stuff to top off your hamburger, lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup, mustard, mayo… well you get the idea, just about anything. But by adding cheese you just seem to complete the package! It doesn’t even matter what kind of cheese it is! Swiss, cheddar, American, provolone, or even go off the board by choosing a cheese you can’t even pronounce! And with the end of summer you may just get your last chance to grill that burger outdoors! Of course if you are lactose intolerant you may want to skip the cheese but for the rest of us… the more cheese the better!

How to celebrate – Have a cheeseburger. Experiment with the cheese of your choice. Add the cheese into the hamburger mixture to let it soak in.

May 28th National Hamburger Day

The All-American meal, the hamburger! Unless you are a vegetarian, who doesn’t love the hamburger. Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well done… who cares!?! Add a little cheese and it becomes a meal fit for a King! McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s (Among others) owe everything to the hamburger. On September 2nd, 2012 the Black Bear Casino Resort, in Carlton, Minnesota made histories largest hamburger ever. It weighed 2,014 pounds! Can you imagine the size of the grill!?! It also leaves me to wonder, who ate it? I’ll bet the middle was pretty rare! Don’t forget the fries!

How to celebrate – Have a hamburger today. Try adding different things to the meat to make it a new experience. Have a family cook-out!