August 10th World Lion Day

So you like cats? How about really, really big cats!?! Like the size that plays with you instead of you playing with it! Yes, we are talking about the “King of the Jungle”, the lion. They can run up to 50 miles an hour, weigh as much as 420 lbs and live from 15-16 years in the wild. That is if man lets them live that long. Today was created by Dereck and Beverly Joubert, of “Big Cat Rescue”, in 2013.

How to celebrate – Help save the lions in the wild before they are gone. Go on a picture taking Safari, not a gun hunting Safari. (Though you might want to take a gun along just in case) Live and let live.


June 14th National Skunk Day

June 14th National Skunk Day

Well, you knew this one had to be in there somewhere. It’s the day we celebrate the most smelly animal ever, the skunk. They do actually make pretty decent pets and you can have the scent glans removed. They normally only live about 4 years in the wild though so don’t get too attached. The “Mephitis mephitis” (It’s scientific name) means, “Bad Odor” so I am guessing the just one “Mephitis” isn’t as bad? Their scent is a defensive reaction in order to protect it, but they can only use that once every ten days so maybe that is why they live such a short time.

How to celebrate – There are 8 different species of skunk, find out what types there are. Try to make a pet out of one. Watch Pepee Lapue cartoons on You Tube.

April 12th Walk On Your Wild Side Day

most of us try to calmly make our way through the day, trying not to upset the cart or spill any milk. Every once in a while though it may serve a better purpose to take a walk on the wild side if for no other reason than to get it out of our systems. Of course, that really depends on what your wild side is! As long as the only one you challenge is yourself, it’s probably okay but you also have to concerned about pushing other people’s buttons and sending them into their wild side. We know what happens in nature when two animals on their wild sides meet. Today was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy.

How to celebrate – Figure out what your wild side is. Learn how to control your wild side. What do you consider being wild means?

February 2nd National Hedgehog Day

The word Hedgehog first appeared in 1450. The animal was also known as the “Urchin” and a “Hedgepig”. For years it was the “Shadow” creature that predicted the end of winter but since it was so small it was replaced in 1887 by the Groundhog, which is a different create. Hedgehogs make good pets but they are a lot more difficult to take care of than people generally think. So make sure you want one before you buy one.

How to celebrate – Get a hedgehog. Choose your pets wisely. See if you can find the hedgehog mentioned in any 1450 literature.

July 15th Cow Appreciation Day

We don’t often take the time to appreciate the little things around us, or in the case of a cow… the big things around us. I am talking about more than just hamburger here. There’s also Ice Cream! A cow can also keep your lawn mowed and create that path through your yard that you have been wanting to make for years. Just keep in mind that not everything is always about you, particularly today! Step aside so the cow in your life can have it’s day… and you can have a nice glass of ice cold milk while you wait for tomorrow.

How to celebrate – Take a cow to lunch today. (Any old grass field will do) Do a cow photography day, take as many pictures of cows as you can. Become a cow-boy or cow-girl.

March 28th Respect Your Cat Day

March 28th Respect Your Cat Day

Here is a day you best observe, because if you don’t… you will regret it. Cats are not known for their sense of humor. They would just as soon rip you apart if they think you are laughing at them as with them. Cats will put up with a lot, but when they think they are being dis-respected they will rebel! So the next time you see them run into a glass door they think is open, or fall off a table they thought was longer than it was, don’t laugh out loud… they will come after you when you least expect it.

How to celebrate – Respect your cat. Give your cat a commanding spot to perch. Never, never, try to dress your cat up in some silly outfit.

October 20th International Sloth Day

October 20th International Sloth Day

Okay, so slow down today and study the sloth. They don’t waste a lot of energy getting anywhere fast but then, why do they need to get anywhere fast anyway? They are cute animals, abused as most animals are and not exactly a house pet. Still, like all creatures in the world they serve a purpose. Today was created in 1996 by AIUNAU, an animal group determined to protect animals all across the world. They can live 20-30 years if not disturbed but are easy prey to hunters. They are primarily found in Tropical Rainforests in Central and Southern America.

How to celebrate – Visit a Rainforest. Help protect animals. Protect nature.

October 14th National Fossil Day

The date of National Fossil Day varies, which I find odd for something set in stone! You will find it comes on whatever week of October is Earth Science Week. Fossils are very interesting considering they can be found nearly anywhere and represent a world long, long since gone. Keep in mind some poor creature gave it’s all to provide us with that sample of history. You might even say they were “Rockin’ It!”. Or not… It just goes to show that even a million years ago, animals were getting stoned.

How to celebrate – Go find a fossil. Visit a museum. Start a rock collection.

May 18th International Museum Day

May 18th International Museum Day

Museums remind of us of where we have been, and possibly show us where we are going as well. Things we just can’t live without today had to come from somewhere and generally those proto-types can be found in museums all over the world.  Of course, museums also teach us about animals and nature as well. This day was created in 1977 by the International Council of Museums.

How to celebrate – Visit a museum. Look for all the antiques in your house.  Donate historical items you no longer want to a museum so that others can enjoy them.