April 16th World Circus Day

The circus use to be a major entertainment medium in the United States. It traveled from city to city exposing Americans to different animals and acts they would not have ever seen otherwise. The Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey started in 1871 bring it’s acts to the world. They would enter town with parades and entertainers performing acts seldom seen anywhere. On October 6th, 2017 they closed forever. Some say this was good, others say it was bad. Either way, it’s another piece of history pushed aside by people who would rather watch the world pass them by on their cell phone.

How to celebrate – Read about the circus. Read about Barnum Bailey and the Ringling Brothers. “Watch The Greatest Show on Earth”.

April 8th Zoo Lover’s Day

Spend the day at the zoo today. Yes, we all know those animals would probably prefer not to be aged up but it appears that if we leave them in the wild, man will find a way to destroy them. It’s a shame we can’t live and let live but since we think we are more important than any other creature on the face of the earth that’s not likely to change. So the only way we can assure mankind of not ending ll outside life forms is to cage them up so we can go look t them whenever we like. Support your zoos because they are the only source for keeping many species alive.

How to celebrate – Visit a zoo. Volunteer to help at a zoo. Imagine your life on display in a cage 24 hours a day.

August 26th National Dog Day

If you are a dog lover this day comes every day! Dogs are truly man’s best friend. That’s not holding anything against cats or birds or any other pet you choose to keep, But dogs and man go together like soup and sandwich, cookies and milk, pb & j… well you get the picture. I’m not sure one can survive without the other. Take care of your dog, love your dog, spend time with your dog and they will reward you time and time again. Today was created in 2004 by Colleen Paige, Pet Lifestyle Expert. And yes, the picture for today is the same as the one for yesterday because … well … it just seems to fit!

How to celebrate – Love your dog. Give your dog some special treats today. Make friends with your best friend all over again today.

August 12th World Elephant Day

100 years ago, there were between 5 to 12 million African elephants, today there are about 400,000. 100 years ago, there were over a million Asian elephants, today there are between 20,000 and 40,000. Sadly, their biggest enemy is man. An African elephant is the largest creature on earth, and it can live to be 86 years old if left alone to live its life. Film maker Patricia Sims of Canazwest Productions started World Elephant Day in 2011 to celebrate these magnificent creatures.

How to celebrate – Let animals in the wild live their lives without human interference. Don’t buy anything made with ivory. Support causes celebrating elephants.

July 29th International Tiger Day

Like all animals that live in the wild, the Tiger is disappearing. There are estimated to be maybe 3,000 left in the wild, their population dropping 97%. In an effort to save the tigers a Tiger Summit was created in St. Petersburg, Russia and International Tiger Day, or Global Tiger, was created in 2010 to begin to make people aware of what they were doing to endanger the tiger, as well as most animals that live in the wild. It truly is sad that we are too busy being greedy to worry much about what we are doing to nature. Man is a tiger’s worst enemy.

How to celebrate – Take care about destroying the environment. Learn more about tigers. Live and let live.

April 18th Pet Owner’s Independence Day

Another odd holiday from the good people at Wellcat.com, created in 2002. The general idea is that anyone owning a pet can take today off , if they work, and spend it with their pet. Of course lately, we all have been spending more time with our pets since we have had to be at home more. I am not exactly sure what the Independence Day is all about? Maybe it’s because Pet Day was already taken. While it makes little, to no, sense to me… it’s okay. I love my pets and I am independent of them. (They do not influence my vote)

How to celebrate – Take your pet to lunch. Just make like it’s a regular day and give your pet all the love you can.

March 1st National Pig Day

You wouldn’t think it by looking at them, but pigs are actually one of the smartest animals on the face of the earth. They can be trained to do tricks and are pretty social. They actually make pretty decent pets too! (not that a lot of us have that option). Today was created by an art teacher in Texas, Ellen Stanley, in 1972. One would assume she had pigs, or at least access to them. At any one time there are generally about a billion pigs living on earth, most living 10-15, although some can live up to 20+ years.

How to celebrate – Take a pig to lunch today (no, that does not mean you are going to eat it). Get a pig for a pet. Take an IQ challenge with a pig.

February 20th Love Your Pet Day

Why have a pet if you aren’t going to love them? They pretty much love you whether you are nice to them or not. I do love animals, and I have lot of them – cats and dogs (all rescues). Not so thrilled about snakes as pets but I do understand a lot of people love their snakes. You should show your pet love everyday, but maybe love them a little extra today. More treats, more hugs and though they probably don’t understand what you are saying, they do love it when you talk to them.

How to celebrate – Love your pets. List as many pet types as you can without looking. Adopt a pet if you get a chance.

October 4th World Animal Day

October 4th World Animal Day

Today has been placed on the Feast of St. Francis Day because St. Francis was an animal lover. It became official in 1931, first celebrated in Italy. I truly do love animals. Animals of all kinds. Having grown up on a farm I had the opportunity to interact with numerous different types of animals and found none of them judgmental, pretentious or superior. And if you gave them even a little bit of love you could have a friend for life. After-all, technically we humans are animals as well.

How to celebrate – Adopt a pet. Give to an animal protection organization. If you see an animal in need, stop and help them.

October 2nd World Farm Animals Day

Today was created back in 1985 by the Farm Animal Rights Movement, a not-for-profit, to honor Mahatma Gandhi. I never put the two things together before today, Mahatma Gandhi and Farm Animals. All animals should have rights though, maybe farm animals before the wild animals because they do serve us. Having grown up on a farm we always tried to treat our animals fairly and yes it was tough to eat one that had earlier been a friend. They do make you think about being a vegetarian. Animals do have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness though I am not sure we need to grant them the vote.

How to celebrate – See how many farm animals you can name. Take a farm animal to lunch. Study the life of Mahatma Gandhi.