December 1st Eat A Red Apple Day

Well if you are going to have an apple today, have red apple. There are yellow apples, green apples, brown apples… (Avoid those, they are rotten) anyway, the original “Forbidden Fruit” in the Garden of Eden was the red apple, or at least we think it was red. Apples are juicy, delicious, fun to eat and actually good for you… unless you happen to be in the Garden of Eden and your name is Eve or Adam. So enjoy an apple and remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

How to celebrate – Buy some red apples. Learn all the different types of red apples. Start your own apple grove.

January 23rd National Pie Day

So what is your favorite dessert? For me, it’s pie. Today was created by the American Pie Council, which frankly I didn’t even know one existed. And even worse, I’m not sure why we even need one. That’s not knocking them, I love pie so anyone who promotes pie is okay by me. There are so many flavors that practically anybodies taste can be met. Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Pecan, Chocolate Silk… the list can go on and on.

How to celebrate – Have a piece of pie today. Bake a pie today. List as many types of pie as you can.

December 1st Eat A Red Apple Day

There are green apples, yellow apples and probably more colors out there but the most popular is the red apple. It’s also the most notorious as the apple in the Garden of Eden. Now that old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” probably isn’t true but then… it doesn’t hurt either! You can eat them as they are, bake them or put them in a pie of salad, they are good anyway you prepare them. It is also most likely the most American fruit there is. Make Johnny Appleseed proud and have an apple or two today, and share them.

How to celebrate – Eat a red apple today. Make an apple pie. (Make sure to use red apples) Dress up like Johnny Appleseed and spread apples about your neighborhood.

October 21st Apple Day

October 21st Apple Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, not really but eating apples is healthy! There are dozens of different types of apples. They change in size, flavor and even color. When you go to a grocery store you generally get a very small sampling of apples, the most popular and the most requested. October is always a month filled with celebrating the apple. They are ripe now and time to be picked. Remember, twist them, do not pull them off the tree. Today was founded in 1990 at Covent Garden but the apple has been celebrated for centuries. Most orchards celebrate by having rides and a festival so if you are lucky enough to be near one, you can enjoy the apple in more ways than one.

How to celebrate – Learn the different types of apples. Visit an Apple Orchard. Have your own festival to celebrate the apple at your house.

March 11th National Johnny Appleseed Day

Most people only get one day to be celebrated in their name, Johnny Appleseed gets two, March 11th and September 26th! That’s because He was born on the 26th (1774) and supposedly died on March 11th (1845). No one seems to know exactly when he passed on so the March 11th celebration may not be exactly right.


This is not the only controversy concerning John Chapman (Appleseed’s real name). There is no doubt that he did spread the use of apple orchards starting in western New York and Pennsylvania. He went West, which back then was Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. The controversy comes in where he gave away the seedlings for free, but later came back and claimed that since he had planted the orchards originally, they belonged to him even though he did not own the land.


He was a very religious man, he preached at ever place he stopped. He did not take money and went barefoot most of the time. He wore a pan for a hat and generally wore ragged clothes. While at least some of this shows good intent, was he in disguise? we may never know.


Still, he did serve a purpose, which most of us would like to think we could as well. Every time you eat an apple, have a piece of apple pie or look at the apple of your eye, you probably think of Johnny Appleseed, even if subconsciously. That’s a nice way to be remembered.

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How to celebrate – Have an apple. Visit an apple orchard. Give a teacher an apple.