December 27th Make A Cut Out Snowflake Day

Snowflakes, no two are alike… unless you cut them out of paper and make them yourself! When I worked for a school this use to be a favorite activity to keep kids quiet but as we never had kids on December 27th, we never celebrated this day. So maybe this is a day for parents to find something to do with their kids after the newness has worn off the gifts they got for Christmas. In the south they can remind us of what snow looks like and in the north… well, they may not need any more snowflakes but who cares, it keeps the kids busy! If you didn’t get snow for Christmas this year maybe you can cover your yard in these kinds of snowflakes! Probably not a real good idea.

How to celebrate – Cut out some snowflakes. Figure out what you are going to do with all those snowflakes. Come up with other winter symbols you can cut out just for something different.

December 27th Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

Well if you live in a warmer climate then this day may be very important to you, its Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day. If you are in a region where it snows a lot you may want to ignore today, you probably have a lot of snow already. But if you need to create that look of snow this could be an important day for you. Naturally I do not propose you put these snowflakes in your yard, it doesn’t really look like snow as it resembles more of a garbage dump site than a field covered in snow.

How to celebrate – Make some paper snowflakes. Go outside and play in the snow if you have any. Go back to bed and wait for winter to end.