April 3rd Pac Man Day

April 3rd Pac Man Day

If you’ve ever played video game you must have played Pac Man at least once. Chasing after those pieces of fruit while trying to avoid those nasty little creatures that are trying to ruin your day. It gets addicting trying to win, and of course you rarely win because there is level after level to stop you! Atari created Pac Man and released in in 1982, that’s like 40 years ago! Amazing what happens when you are having fun!

How to celebrate – Play Pac Man! Buy a Pac Man video game, they are pretty cheap these days. Get the high score at all costs.


July 8th Video Games Day

Not to be confused with National Video Games Day, today is just Video Games Day. So what’s the difference? I have no clue! National Video Games Day comes in September, when kids are back in school, so I think here in July is a better choice. Anyway, most of us have played a video game at one time or another, some of us get hooked, for others it’s not their thing. Atari, Nintendo and X-Box hope we all want more, not less. It is a huge industry making billions of dollars as sit in front of our television screens, or computers, and waste the hours away. My favorite is Red Dead, a game about the old west. The graphics are unbelievable! So if you like playing video games today is your excuse to play th4em all day long! Let’s just remember, they are games and not real life.

How to celebrate – Play your favorite video game. Buy a video system. Break out a game you haven’t played forever.