June 18th Take A Road Trip Day

Another holiday created by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY, today we focus on taking a road trip somewhere… probably close by where you live. You can take longer trips, and since the kids are out of school and public transportation is somewhat questionable, getting in the car and just taking off is kinda fun. You don’t even need to plan where you are going. (Best if this is just a day trip) Get the whole family in the car and take off, enjoy the day and explore new things that you might miss in your usual travels. This holiday is always on the third Friday of June, making it available for a three day weekend.

How to celebrate – Take a road trip. Fill up the gas tank in your car. Experience something you always thought you’d like to do but have never gotten around to.

October 2nd Name Your Car Day

For many of us it seems like we practically live in our cars. Good, bad or indifferent, they become a part of our lives so why not give them a name!?! Now you need to identify the personality of your car and determine whether it is a boy car or a girl car… or a gender neutral. You can name it for it’s color, performance or style… it doesn’t really matter, after all it is your car. However, keeping that in mind, it might be better if you give it a nice name since you want it to be nice to you. People name their boats, actually they kinda have to name their boats by law, they proudly paint the side of their boat with the name and sail it. So why not paint the name of your car so everyone can see it as you drive by!

How to celebrate – Think up a good name for your car. Give names to the cars you pass on the road. Talk nicely to your car and be sure it knows it’s name.

October 2nd Name Your Car Day

Come on, you know it! Your car is one of your best friends, or worst enemies. Either way, doesn’t it deserve some sort of name? Generally, we want to name our cars something really powerful and strong, sometimes it’s some weak or expensive.


We tend to give names to things we use a lot. We also give them a sex. Well, they don’t have a sex so whoever called a car, boat or motorcycle she it really makes me wonder. But, to make them a male either is just as bad. Do you talk to your car? Do you actually think your car can hear you? Remember the old tv show “My Mother The Car”? Is it possible we come back as a car? I somehow doubt that.


Now if your car sucks up gas like it’s going out of style maybe a name like Bertha is appropriate. Or if it is really big and drives like a boat. However, I do not think the name Bertha is going to inspire your car to be better.

images (1)

Maybe a name like Torchd will inspire it to go really fast. Or maybe it will make it burn through a tank of gas like a fire. Either way, it seems more likely your car will respond more confident if you name it something macho.


Or maybe you can give it a loving name, like Bambi or Love Bug. Just be creative. Naming your car John or Sue, Bob or Mary is not going to make it feel different than every car it meets on the road.

How to celebrate – Name your car today. Figure out the personality your car maintains. Be nice to your car so it will be nice to you.