October 13th Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Every year some 271,270 people are diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer. It is considered stage IV cancer that has started in the breast and spread throughout the body. All of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and today has been declared a National Awareness Day by the US Congress since 2009. This is something to take seriously and to try and catch early in order to save lives.

How to be Aware – Check yourself for lumps and oddities regularly. Get a mammogram. Wear pink to show your support.

December 1st World Aids Awareness Day

Aids is perhaps one of the most devastating illness facing the world today. It is rampant across the face of the earth and will affect over 40,000 new victims in the U.S. alone this coming year. As of yet there is no cure, though scientist are working on it. Maybe some day soon we will learn enough to wipe it out but until them you have to be aware of it or you too may fall victim to it.


This day has been created by the United Nations World Health Organization, as much about the cause as it is the cure. It was founded in 1988 before many of us were even aware of the decease and as a result, because of the lack of education, there are over 40 million suffering from it today, a million of those in the United States.

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We now know it affects the human immune system and while Aids/HIV may not kill you itself it allows germs to enter the body that normally can be fought off with the immune system. When the system is blocked, or not functioning properly, the body cannot fight off these illness’ and even the simplest of things can be deadly.


In nations where health care is not readily available or simple hygiene is ignored, a decease like aids can run its course through an entire population. When settlers came to the America’s in the age of discovery, entire tribes of Native Americans were destroyed by something as minor as measles. Aids is far worse than that.


And right now the best way to treat it is to educate those susceptible to it so they can avoid the causes of passing it on to others. Yesterday was Stay Home Because You Are Well Day. Don’t mock those who would prefer to be able to go to work by pretending you are sick.

How to celebrate – Educate yourself on how the Aids epidemic is passed on to others. Help support those fighting Aids. Thank God for giving you the ability to avoid catching and spreading the decease.

October 28th Make A Difference Day

We are blessed everyday with the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, or something that will serve someone’s purpose. It may just be sitting beside them as they go through a rough time, helping someone build a home, or helping little old ladies across the street… make sure they want to cross before you take them there first.


Older people often need help even with the little things. Maybe reading t them if their eyesight is bad or helping them shop for groceries. And sometimes it might just be sitting there with them so that they are not alone. Making a difference does not have to be something huge, the little things count as well.


The homeless are always in need of help.  It really doesn’t matter in the end how they got there, if not for the grace of God it could be you! A meal, a cup of coffee, a sweater or a pair of shoes will make their lives better and who knows, maybe they will rescue someone in real trouble because they had a pair of shoes to help them make a difference of their own.


Make a Difference Day is always the fourth Saturday in October. It began back in the 1990’s. And while people go out of their way to make a difference today, shouldn’t we all be doing that everyday?

How to celebrate – Think of all the people  that have made a difference in your life, both in big things and little things. Make yourself available to be of service to someone today. Don’t wait to be asked, just go ahead and do whatever it is that needs to be done. You will make a difference.