March 18th Awkward Moments Day

We all have them so why not celebrate them!?! Those awkward moments when you don;t exactly know why something happened but it did, it’s embarrassing and, oh well.. it happens! Those times when we don;t know exactly what to say, when to say something… if anything… and who to say it to. Instead of hiding away, you might as well enjoy them (As best you can) laugh at yourself and realize that everyone makes mistakes so you might as well make the best of them.

How to celebrate – Write down your awkward moments so you remember them. Watch for others to make their awkward moments. Live and let live.


March 18th Awkward Moments Day

Well, we’ve all had them… those moments we wish we could forget but that keep creeping back into our lives. Oddly today is supposed to be the day that we let those moments pass and forget them, but to celebrate today you have to remember them to let them go! Moments like breaking wind in an elevator or thinking a perfect strange is some you recognize from long ago. How about those moments you go on a date and can no longer think of anything to talk to this stranger about! Maybe it was showing up as a party you though was a costume party but turned out not to be.

How to celebrate – Remember those awkward moments today so that you can forget them. Write down a list of your awkward moments so you can remember to forget them. Stay home today so you don’t add to your list of awkward moments.

March 18th Awkward Moments Day

What a great day to come right after Saint Patrick’s Day! Awkward moments day! I don’t know about you but I am likely to have had a few of them yesterday and not even known it! Today we embrace those moments where something we didn’t have planned, likely embarrassing, occurred. There is nothing you can do about it so you might as well enjoy it the same way others do! It’s time to get over it and realize you are not the first person that sort of thing ever happened to so… smile,deal with it and get on with your day. So is today about remembering those moments and suffering through them, or forgetting about them and letting them go? Your choice!

How to celebrate – Try remembering your most embarrassing moments. Try to ignore others most embarrassing moments. Live and let live.