March 31st World Backup Day

We all know we should back up the work we do on our computers. That information is very valuable to us and in some cases can not be replaced. We all also know that we should back up the work we do because computers do crash from time to time and once the material is gone, it’s gone forever. It really should be backed up more than once a year but if you don’t get to it, use today to backup everything you have. We are creatures of habit. If we do not set times and dates to do things we generally never get around to them.

How to celebrate – Back up your computer files today. Back up the info on your phone today. Where possible, make a hard copy of the files most important to you.

March 31 – World Backup Day

Okay, it’s not what you think. This is not a day to walk backwards or drive to work in reverse. Today is much more important than those things. Today is the day to backup all your files, intended for computer primarily but also any other important records you have. You need that backup because at sometime or the other you will have a computer that will crash, a file cabinet that will get soaked or a child that will draw on your last copy of an important document. If you have them backed up, no big deal, if you don’t… big deal! And since in our busy days we are generally so happy to have just completed a project that we do not even think about backing it up just in case. Well, today is a reminder day that it needs to be done. So don;t just sit there enjoying your cup of coffee and reading blogs… go back up your important papers!

How to celebrate – Learn more about the cloud. Make sure you put your backup files in a safe place. Remember to backup pictures too, those that can’t ever be replaced.

March 31st World Backup Day

Have you ever had  computer crash on you? It is a major disaster. Everything you have worked on, in some cases for years, is suddenly gone. Not just misplaced, flat out gone. So now what do you do? Start over? That’s easy enough to say but a lot harder to do.


You obviously have to have some sort of backup plan. Now if you are like me, I backed up everything I had been working on on a floppy disk. Well guess what… computers don’t have floppy disks anymore! And so now, everything I wisely backed up is useless because I have no way of recovering it!

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So we now have The Cloud. Of course it does have flaws within it but it is certainly better than nothing.  Don’t let all that hard work just drop off into nothing. Personal items, tax records, manuscripts, photos, things you cannot easily replace.


So today is the day you should plan on backing up everything you have on your computer, which for many of us is a huge part of our lives and identity.  It takes only a short time to back up what you might otherwise lose forever.

How to celebrate – Back up what ever you want to make sure to keep. There are numerous ways to back up your materials, research which is best for you. Set several dates a year to backup your valued items.