December 30th Bacon Day

Who doesn’t like bacon!?! Well, okay, there are those people who do not like bacon for numerous reasons but come on… even pigs like bacon! The smell of it cooking can wake up an entire household and adding it to a sandwich, soup or any meal just perks the flavor up instantly! And what is breakfast without bacon!?! Bacon-less!!!

How to celebrate – Cook up some bacon. Figure out different foods you can flavor with bacon. Serve bacon at every meal.


December 30th Bacon Day

Nearly everyone I know loves bacon. Not the vegetarians of course, but nearly everyone else. There is something about the crispy, salty flavor that accents nearly every food with some favorable outcome. Potatoes are better with bacon, eggs are better with bacon, salads are better with bacon… even bacon is better with bacon! Most vegetarians even remember the taste of bacon enough that they remember loving it too so much that they made their own veggie bacon… better than nothing I guess. So today is your day to enjoy bacon in whatever you like to eat… even if it’s just a slice of bacon by itself.

How to celebrate – Make some bacon. Test putting bacon in something you have never had it in before. Thank a pig.

December 30th Bacon Day

Also known as International Bacon Day. Well, who doesn’t know what bacon is? Today is claimed by two different groups, the residents of Bradford, Ma in 2000 and then some grad students in Boulder, Colorado in 2004. The grad students were probably stoned and didn’t know the day had already been created. Doesn’t matter either way, bacon is bacon and it should be enjoyed by all. (There is vegan bacon as well) Most people love this day, pigs… not so much.

How to celebrate – Enjoy some bacon. See how many bacon recipes you can find. Have bacon at every meal.

December 30th Bacon Day

There are several Bacon days during the year. International, National, and just plain bacon day. Today is just plain bacon day. It supposedly started before 2000 in the UK but who knows, as bacon has been popular for a lot longer than that! In fact, I don’t know a time when bacon has not been popular! Even Vegans try to make something that tastes like bacon, it doesn’t, but the point is, they at least try. I am curious, how does a Vegan know what bacon tastes like? Well, good on them for at least trying. Those meat eaters among us seem to prefer bacon to nearly any other kind of meat. Salty, crisp and filled with flavor it may indeed be the perfect food! And there is nothing like the scent of bacon cooking!

How to celebrate – Cook up some bacon. They even have bacon ice cream these days, see if you can invent something new like… bacon cereal! Wear some bacon perfume!

September 1st International Bacon Day

Today is a good day for me. I should be able to start my day off with bacon, and end it with bacon. Naturally, if I eat too much of it I might even end my life with it! Once just a breakfast food, now bacon tops the charts with nearly every meal including dessert! That taste of sweet and salty makes for the nearly perfect dish.

download (2)

It is one of the few stand alone foods that also mixes well with everything else. I know there are a large number of people out there that cannot have bacon and I am sorry that they do not know what they are missing. Nothing personal in any of that but even those I know that do not eat pork love the smell of bacon cooking.


Naturally, like anything else, too much of it can kill you and it’s really not very healthy but those who eat it generally don’t really care. I remember as a child waking up smelling bacon cooking. Those are fond memories. Scents are one of the best ways or recalling memories nd I think bacon tops my list.

images (1)

Bacon can even be serve between meals and as snacks. It’s always served at parties and is generally one of the first treats that goes missing. It goes well on sandwiches, in salads, sprinkled on different foods and served as a main course as well. With a bacon and egg breakfast the bacon seems to compliment the eggs but I have known many who could do without the eggs and just have the bacon.


Now don’t confuse International Bacon Day with National Bacon Day. They come at two different times of the year and for most of us, we want to celebrate both days equally. Just remember today is the day people everywhere can enjoy bacon, our own National will come soon,

How to celebrate – Serve up some bacon today. Let your brothers and sisters over-seas celebrate with you. Try bacon on something you have never had it on before.

September 2nd International Bacon Day

Beyond all rational belief, today is not Bacon Day, It is International Bacon Day… completely different! Bacon Day is sometime in December, International Bacon day is today. It always falls on the Friday before Labor Day. (Isn’t Labor Day an American holiday?)


Does it really matter? What day is not perfect for bacon! Although I doubt they would agree in the Middle Eastern countries. But those of us not bound by religion to despise bacon, love it! I am sorry for the pigs, but that said, there is just nothing that replaces bacon as for flavor.

download (3)

People love it, dogs love it and frankly even other pigs love it, although they will eat practically anything. Eggs and bacon in the morning, BLT in the afternoon and spaghetti covered with bacon can serve as an entire days worth of meals. Oh, and those bacon covered little hot dogs at parties are wonderful! Ever try bacon on a pizza, it’s great too!


In fact bacon goes with about anything and today they are serving bacon with many desserts. It’s a perfect blend with ice cream, sweet and salty together! Bacon is such a favorite flavor that companies have figured out how to make imitation bacon that even vegans can eat.


However you slice it, bacon is delicious! The creation of the day is claimed by two different groups. One from Boston saying they founded the day back in 2000. Another group claims the rights to it from Boulder, Colorado in 2005. I don’t think it really matters, it’s all about who “Brings home the bacon!”

How to celebrate – Have some bacon today! Try adding bacon to something you haven’t had it with before and see if you like it. Just fry up some bacon and watch who comes running!

December 30th Bacon Day

If you love meat, you love bacon! Of course it is really bad for you but who can resist it, provided you are not a vegetarian. It comes on sandwiches, ice cream, candy and just about anything you can think of. What was once a breakfast meat has become an any time treat!


Bacon was known to be in use during the days of the Roman Empire. It was called ‘Petaso’ but was probably only available to the wealthy. For years, no one in the world would eat pork because they thought it was unhealthy. Well it was, but not for the reasons they thought. No one knew how to prepare it and botulism ran amuck. By the Middle Ages though, bacon had become a normal part of the meal, still probably more for the wealthy than the peasant but it’s use began to grow. The English called it “Bacoun”.


In France they call it “Bako”, Germany “Bakko” and in old Teutonic it was known as “Backe”. Whatever they call it you will know by the scent that it’s cooking. I even know a lot of people who love the smell even though they are vegan.


It has become such a part of our everyday now that we expect it to be available for anything, any time we choose. Breakfast, lunch, dinner even as a snack. We put bacon on pizza, spaghetti and even apples.


And why not. It goes with just about anything!

How to celebrate – Make bacon for every meal today. Invent your own bacon dish. Try bacon on something you’ve never tried it with before.

April 17th National Cheeseball Day

When I started doing these blogs I thought how interesting these holidays might be.  Little did I know I would be writing one about cheese balls.  I do like cheese balls, but there’s not much to say about them.  They are made out of cheese and in a ball shape.  Depending on what you add to them they can be either healthy or not, crunchy or silky, served with meat or without.

You can use practically any kind of cheese, make it spicy or mild and serve it with vegetables, crackers, pretzels, fruit, bread, well… just about anything you can imagine.  No one knows when the first cheese ball was made, or where, but my best guess is that as soon as cavemen realized how to make cheese, the cheese ball came into being.  It’s meant to be dipped into, peeled away but never cut.  To cut the cheese would be rude.  There are many recipes for cheeseballs.  Depending on your taste of cheese some will be wonderful, others… maybe not.  So what really separates one cheese ball from the next?  Aside from the flavors, it is what they look like.  Below are a few samples I found that at least amused me.

images (12)     images (14)     images (13)

images (15)     images (16)     images (11)     images (10)     download (5)     b73e6d4a-55f6-4cc2-8924-758aca63023e

Obviously the cheese ball can be used to celebrate any holiday, even the weird and bizarre.   In fact, you really don’t even need for there to be a holiday to enjoy a cheese ball.  Again, Congress did not declare the day and no president ran on a cheese ball platform to get elected. (They have their own kind of cheese anyway.)

So how do you celebrate?  Well, make one of the recipes supplied above.  Create your own recipe remembering you really can use anything to make your cheese ball.  Or find a party to go to and take them a cheese ball, even if it’s just because you want one yourself.

April 16th National Eggs Benedict Day

You’ve slept all night, fasting because it’s really hard to eat while you are asleep.  You wake up and want something different, something that rich people might eat. (Of course if you are already rich just imagine being hungry)  How about Eggs Benedict!  Perfectly poached eggs served over Canadian bacon all on top of an English muffin and covered in Hollandaise sauce.  Beats the heck out of a bowl of cereal!

Here’s a recipe for those who don’t know how to make it.  Eggs Benedict

Now no one knows where Eggs Benedict actually came from.  The first mention of it appears in New York City over 100 years ago.  It is credited to either Mrs. LeGrand Benedict in 1893 or Mr. Lemuel Benedict, 1894.  I thought it came from St. Benedict, shows you how much I know about it.

It has been proven that a good breakfast will start your day off right.  You’ll have more energy, feel better and be in a much more civil mood.  If you eat too much, you may also choose to go back to bed and take a nap.  The best way to cover yourself if the latter happens is to take your boss a plate of Eggs Benedict while asking their forgiveness!

Even though it is National Eggs Benedict Day there is no record of Congress, or a president, making the holiday official.  Maybe it would make a good slogan for a would be presidential contender.  “I promise I will officially make April 16th a day when everyone in the country, no everyone in the world, will sit down to  breakfast of Eggs Benedict!