November 19th Have A Bad Day Day

I have to admit, a lot of the bizarre holidays seem a little useless to me, but they are meant to have fun with or celebrate something unusual so, okay. This day is pretty much useless, and realizing that you just have to know that the good people at had to be behind it. And on top of that, they have copyrighted it! Now that is useless! Why would anyone want to wake up in the morning and say to themselves, “I want to wish everybody has a bad day today”. But that is exactly what is doing. Well lets all hope they have a bad day today.

How to celebrate – Ignore this stupid day. Ignore Enjoy your day just to spite them.

November 19th Have A Bad Day Day

Leave it to the good people at to come up with a day where you wish someone to have a bad day. I mean I know there are a lot of people we secretly hope that they have a bad day but there are few we would actually say it to… but here we are… a day we are actually suggested we wish someone to have a bad day. That’s something I think people are actually very capable of having without our input. But if you have ever wanted to wish someone a bad day, here you go, it’s today!

How to celebrate – Wish someone a bad day. Forget today altogether. Make a list of all those you would hope have a bad day.

November 19th Have A Bad Day Day

Leave it to the people at to create a Bad Day Day… and then copyright it so they can make money from it. Their idea was to get clerks at stores and banks and such to wish you a bad day instead of a good day. I guess the idea of wishing someone something good is not welcome at Wellcat.

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And to copyright it!?! Why? I doubt it’s like anyone else is going to steal the day from them. And just how do they make money from it. All those bad day greeting cards, buttons and balloons.


I think we are all capable of having a bad day without Wellcats help. Asking us is a bit beyond good taste. But there you go, if you truly do have a bad day, let Wellcat know about it.


Well, cats, ignore them. Go ahead and have a good day and defy them! After all, you might have to pay them for it if you do have a bad day.

How to celebrate – Try and figure out what is wrong with the people at Have a good day. Create a good day meter.