February 24th World Bartenders Day

Bartenders use to be a guy behind the counter at a bar who poured a beer for their customers or maybe a shot of whiskey. It’s only in recent history, the last 100 years or so, that a bartender has had to learn any one of a thousand different drinks out there people might order. And, naturally, those drinks can be different in different area or different countries even themselves! They also have to be a person who is willing to listen since the drunker a customer gets, the more likely they are to tell their troubles to the world. So celebrate those bartenders you know, and if you know them really well you might want to consider a life change.

How to celebrate – Learn how to pour and mix drinks properly. Play bartender at your own party. Write your own bartender drink guide.


May 13th World Cocktail Day

The word cocktail has something to do with the way a horse’s tail can fan out… what that has to do with a mixed drink, I’m not sure but if you have enough of the drinks, you don’t really care anyway. Supposedly the idea of the cocktail began in 1806 as mentioned by the Balance & Columbian Repository. (Whoever they are) They described a cocktail as something that may, or may not, contain sweets, waters and/or bitters. Somehow I imagine a cocktail was available prior to 1806 but just not stated as such. Bartenders and mixologist create these drinks for customers who require something more than just booze.

How to celebrate – Decide which cocktail you like best. Become a bartender. Look for who created your favorite drink.

February 24th World Bartender Day

Not everyone can make the perfect drink but if anyone could, it would be your local bartender. While I have never found a place like “Cheers” of TV, I am sure they do exist, where the bartender becomes a friend and listens to all your problems and offers sound advice. Why you would go to a bar to get good advice is a little curious to me but let’s play along. If you are friends with everyone there the moment you walk in the place, perhaps you may be visiting a little too often. And if you think those salted peanuts are on the counter just to be friendly, think again… salt makes you thirsty! It is true, however, that a good bartender is an artist, knowing when enough is just enough.

How to celebrate – Learn how to become a bartender. Learn how to make a number of mixed drinks. Test several bartenders by asking for you favorite drink and see how different each one makes it.

February 24th World Bartender Day

Here’s another one of those bizarre holidays that no one seems to have placed on this day but somehow it ended up here anyway. Bartenders have been around since time began, in fact the first person to ever serve a drink of any kind was a bartender. Not only do they learn how to make drinks but they have to learn how to listen to others as well. It probably has something to do with drinking alcohol but for some reason we all tend to tell our problems to bartenders. Maybe it’s so we don’t have to pay such high rates for professional help. However, a bartender is a professional as well so maybe there is something there after all.

How to celebrate – Go to a bar! Become a bartender yourself. Find out what is really in a Harvey Wallbanger!