January 7th Harlem Globetrotters Day

Basketball became a sport in 1891 after James Naismith introduced it to the world, The game did not become extremely populate right off the bat but as time passed it grew, eventually gaining National recognition and fame. One of those reason for it’s fame was the development of the Harlem Globetrotters in 1926. Based out of Chicago, these very talented basketball players we also comedians and their humor quickly made them a legend. Credit is given to Abe Saperstein for putting the show group together but it was all the talent of the Savoy Big Five, as they were first known as, that put them into the national limelight.

How to celebrate – Go to a Harlem Globetrotters game. Learn basketball control like the Globetrotters do. Learn about the Globetrotters in history.


April 18th National High Five Day

There are probably few days to celebrate where the act of celebrating is what the day celebrates! The high five was invented during a basketball game in 1977. As with most things that seem to happen, no one seems to be sure why it happened, it just sort of did. It was turned into a big deal in 2002 when students at the University of Virginia decided to create the day as a holiday. Conor Lastowka, Sam Miotke, and Wynn Walent are credited with creating the day, helping to make the action common place among people all across the world. It may be a little over used these days – Giving someone a high five because you just made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich seems a little over the top, but then again… why not. Remember too that it is never acceptable to give a low five until after a high five has been given first… otherwise it would just be called a handshake.

How to celebrate – Give out High Fives today. Play basketball. Find your own way of celebrating a victory.

April 19th National High-Five Day

Load them up! It’s the day to give everyone you come on contact with a “High-Five”! It may be followed by a low five after the proper application of a high five first. Though the date does very, it always falls on the 3rd Saturday of April.


It is said the first high five came on the basketball court during a game in 1977. Personally I think it may have been an attempted block of a shot after it had already left the hand of the shooter. None the less, once started it quickly went nation wide to both athletes as well as the common person on the street. The day became unofficially official in 2002 when students at the University of Virginia proclaimed the day.


Conor Lastowka, Sam Miotke and Wynn Walent are responsible for creating the day, probably by celebrating with high-fives themselves! It seems to have become very common place these days, sometimes celebrating winning or making a good attempt while losing.

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Of course you can pout your own creative addition to the traditional high-five. Finger waves, dances and words of encouragement add to the celebration but let us not forget what it is truly about, skin on skin. The fist bump is slowly over taking the high-five but I don’t think it will ever totally take over because it hurts!


Even animals are getting into the act. I doubt they know why but they are cute doing it anyway, naturally extended claws take away from the over all joy of the celebration.

How to celebrate – High-five everyone you see today! (Unless one of them happened to be Captain Hook) Create your own unique high-five celebration. Try and get your pet fish to give you a fin-five!

February 21st Read A Card Day

It seems a little odd that today is read a card day since there is no real holiday associated with it. However, it still can be a good day to read a card. Particularly to re-read a card that you have already received. Or to send one you meant to sent. I mean, how cool would it be to receive a card for no reason at all!?!


Or how about leaving one to a co-worker, of course unsigned. They’ll be wondering all day who gave them the card. Although, in the world today maybe that’s not such a good idea. Sad, you can’t really be nice to anyone anymore.

lhs valentines gifts 07
And Heaven forbid anyone give out Valentine Day Cards anymore. After-all, that means someone may like you… we can’t have that anymore now can we!?!

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I think it’s still safe to read a baseball card. It’s pretty cool, it has all kinds of information on the back of the card. Of course it depends on whether they are a pitcher or a position player. And then you have to read all those years where they were getting started (Normally not so good) but then as they rose through the ranks it gets pretty interesting. I always find it a little interesting that when a player can hit safely 3 times out of 10 they are considered a really good hitter and get paid millions of dollars. I couldn’t, but then I am not earning millions of dollars for doing it either.


So if baseball isn’t your sport you can always get football cards, or basketball cards, or… well, if anything is popular you can get a card of someone that plays, acts or is a star of some kind. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had cards like those for the everyday worker. The back of the card could be like hobbies, interests and jail records!

How to celebrate – Enjoy getting a card while you still can. Enjoy giving a card while you still can. Make up cards for people where you work, it should get a few laughs!