March 16th National Panda Day

March 16th National Panda Day

Who doesn’t love a panda? It is probably one of the world’s most favorite, and gentle creatures. For quite sometime it was on the endangered species list as its natural habitat was disappearing. In 1961 the World Wildlife Fund/World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) made the panda it’s logo to bring awareness about of the plight of the panda. It is nice to know that the attempt to save the panda has worked, they are no longer on the endangered list, but they are considered vulnerable.

How to celebrate – Visit China. Buy some bamboo to feed to the pandas. See if your local zoo has any pandas.

November 16th Have A Party With Your Bear Day

This could be a tricky day, Have A Party With Your Bear Day. If your bear is a Teddy Bear then this can be accomplished pretty easily but if your Bear is alive and roaming the woods then there could be an issue. The first issue is simple… you can do a themed party like Thanksgiving or Christmas as bears do not celebrate these holidays. What do you serve as snacks or treats and will anyone attending, other than the bear, enjoy what you are serving. (It is very important the items served be a delight to the bear of else the bear might eat your other guests. Do not serve alcohol, drunk bears are normally not good guests. And this time of year do you wake any sleeping bear to invite them to your party, they might tend to be grumpy.

How to celebrate – Invite any bears you know to your party. Make sure you have plenty of honey. Throw your party in a cave to make your guests at home.