June 3rd World Bicycle Day

The first bicycle apparently appeared in 1790 but it was not immediately a success Karl Von Drais patented his design in 1818 and it was successful making it the first commercially manufactures bicycle. The idea for a bicycle day was created in 2019 by the United Nations to promote people getting exercise and perhaps to cut down the high volume of automobiles being used for relatively short travel commutes. Bikes do work well for traveling to work and school although the weather can cause some difficulties.

How to celebrate – Get a bicycle. Ride your bike to work or school, Help develop bike paths in your community.


June 3rd World Bicycle Day

If you want to get a little exercise and save the environment at the same time, start riding a bicycle! You can kill two birds with one stone, although that’s not real humane to be killing birds. Much of Europe rides bikes for every day travel. Of course, communities there are closer and tend to lend themselves more to bicycling. However America is starting to catch up by creating trails that can be used for work or leisure and even the bus system is allowing bikes to be carried on the front, or back, of the bus so that people can use modern transport for the longer distances. It does cause some issues in the rain and snow but a little preventive medicine can solve even those problems. Today was created by the UN in 2018.

How to Celebrate – Go for a bike ride. Make bicycling a regular part of your life. Look into racing bikes, you might be surprised how expensive they are.