July 5th National Bikini Day

Okay, so here’s a holiday that can easily be considered a “bombshell” in more than one way… it’s National Bikini Day created first on July 5th, 1946. Named for the atomic bomb testing site, the Bikini Atoll, because it rocked the world like any nuclear weapon. Louis Reard created what Michline Bernardini wore in France to demonstrate a new bathing suit for women. Considering most bathing suit covered women from head to toe the bikini was not well accepted at first. In fact, though it first appeared in France in 1946 it did not reach American favor until the 1960’s. The bikinis then and the bikinis now are not even close to the same thing, which… depending on how you “view it” could be both good and bad.

How to celebrate – Get yourself a new bikini. (Not recommended for men but if that’s you thing, okay) Trim down to fit into your bikini after a long winter. Find a nude beach where you don’t have to wear anything at all!