July 5th National Bikini Day

Okay, so here’s a holiday that can easily be considered a “bombshell” in more than one way… it’s National Bikini Day created first on July 5th, 1946. Named for the atomic bomb testing site, the Bikini Atoll, because it rocked the world like any nuclear weapon. Louis Reard created what Michline Bernardini wore in France to demonstrate a new bathing suit for women. Considering most bathing suit covered women from head to toe the bikini was not well accepted at first. In fact, though it first appeared in France in 1946 it did not reach American favor until the 1960’s. The bikinis then and the bikinis now are not even close to the same thing, which… depending on how you “view it” could be both good and bad.

How to celebrate – Get yourself a new bikini. (Not recommended for men but if that’s you thing, okay) Trim down to fit into your bikini after a long winter. Find a nude beach where you don’t have to wear anything at all!


July 5th National Bikini Day

The first bikini was introduced on July 5th, 1946 but it was not accepted very well. People thought women showed too much skin and in many places it was banned. The idea of the Bikini came to life in the 1960’s when morals lightened up a little. The idea of calling it a bikini came from a popular term at time calling a good looking woman a “Bombshell” and of course the nuclear testing being done on Bikini Island. Today the bikini is just a common thing with less and less material being used with prices going up and up. (Haven’t figured that one out yet) Guess it’s the days of “Less is more”.

How to celebrate – Go to the beach. Make sure you wear sun tan lotion! Visit the Bikini Island but make sure to wear a Hazmat uniform.

July 5th National Bikini Day

This “Bombshell” day is remembered for the day the bikini was born. It was July 5th, 1946 when Louis Reard showed us the benefits of the bikini bathing suit. In many ways it was nothing new, 2 piece bathing suits had been around for a while. he just removed a little excess material that made the suit lighter to swim in! Since there had been so much nuclear testing and the Bikini Islands were in the news, the name just sort of came to mind. And since then, they have been removing more and more of the evidence. In some cases, the island is barely visible at all! It was all the rage until the Speedo came along!

How to celebrate – Send thank you notes to Louis Reard. Design your own bikini. Visit the Bikini Islands… if you can find them.

July 5th National Bikini Day

Today is one of men’s favorite days, National Bikini Day. It is designed to celebrate Louis Reard’s fashion design, named for the Bikini Islands where America had first tested the atomic bomb used in World War 2.

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It was worn by Micheline Bernardini, a show girl, because no self-respecting model could be found to wear it in public. The date was, July 5th, 1946. It was first called the “Atome”before giving way to the bikini. The photos were taken at the Picine Molitor Swimming Pool in France.

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As the years advanced, nearly every woman wore a bikini in the 1960’s and in order to save fabric, they have been getting smaller and smaller ever since. In the fashions of today, those original bikinis would have been considered modest.

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As with any fashion, there are those who should avoid going along with the trend. The world would probably be a much better place if we did not all have to view that, no offense intended. (You certainly wouldn’t want to see me in a bikini!)

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However, we may be getting to the point where we are leaving nothing to the imagination. And frankly, if all you are going to wear is  a string, wouldn’t that irritate just a bit!?!

How to celebrate -Put on your bikini today! Go for a swim (Unless you re afraid to get your string wet.) Men, wear sunglasses so no one knows what you are really looking at!

July 5th National Bikini Day

The bikini was invented by Louis Reard and worn on July 5th, 1946, though Reard had to find a show girl, Micheline Bernardini to wear it since models of the day would not put the bath suit on. She wore in at the Piscine Molitor Swimming Pool in Paris since the US shunned the bikini while Spain and Italy banned it.


The original bath suit took 30 square inches of fabric to make, something that might be considered quite modest these days. It got it’s name because of the Bikini Atoll where the nuclear bomb was tested. Before that the most revealing bathing suits revealed a little bit of the mid-rift and that was considered daring. Women who ware the suits prior to the bikini had be be good looking with a nice figure. They were considered “Bombshells”.


But the bikini was not the first two piece bathing suit. Ancient Minoan paintings, found on the walls of caves revealed women wearing two piece (We presume) bathing suits. That would have been around 1600 B.C..  Over the years the bikini has changed, some for the better, some not so much so…


However, when the assets are in the right place, the bikini can be a thing of beauty. And that 30 square inches of fabric has been reduced just a tad. In fact, I would venture to say that the women of today are getting sunburns in places the women before the bikini didn’t even know they had.


How to celebrate – If you have a bikini, wear it. If you don’t, enjoy others wearing it. (Most have spent all winter trying to be able to fit into it!) You might require more than 30 square inches of sunscreen so stock up. Go to the beach and enjoy the view.