May 4th Bird Day

There are a number of different Bird Days during the year. Today celebrates the birds that migrate internationally, mainly between North, Central and South America. Birds that travel that far are generally migrating the entire year long, as soon as they get to the northern regions it’s time to start heading south again! Oh well, it gives them something to do! And it gives us beautiful birds to watch and wonderful songs to hear.

How to celebrate – Find out which birds migrate to your area. Become a bird watcher. Name as many different breeds of birds as you can without looking.


April 11 National Pet Day

You might as well call this National Family Member Day! Pets, like it or not, become a part of our family, they bring us joy, comfort us and love us even when they don’t have to. They look to us for every part of the being and are generally elated to see us (Well, maybe not cats). And we think of pets as the usual cat or dog, rabbit or hamster, bird… whatever, but I have had pet cattle, horses and even, at times, creatures that probably should have stayed wild But it doesn’t matter, they are loved by us and so therefore are our pets.Today was created by Colleen Page back in 2006.

How to celebrate – Love your pet. Rescue a pet. Make you house a home with a pet.

March 3-5 International Festival of Owls Week

Today started as “Hatch Day” as a part of the celebration of Alice The Great Horned Owls birth in 2003. It has grown over the years at the Houston Nature Center which now includes the World Owl Hall of Fame. If you love Owls, this is the place to be, visit and spend time at as they welcome the interaction with Owls and love to teach the preservation of all types of Owls.

How to celebrate – Visit the Houston Nature Center, See how many different types of owls you can name. Go out at night and see if you can spot owls in your neighborhood.

February 3rd Feed The Birds Day

Since we are deep intro winter and in many parts of the world the ground is covered in snow, birds need out help getting enough to eat. In the southern areas it’s not as hard, though still surprisingly a little difficult, but up north birds can easily starve to death if not for human help. I am not sure what happened to flying south for the winter but I suppose that doesn’t really matter. Good for Bob Matthews of New York for thinking this one up in 2016. (Along with many others) All sorts of animals need our help, please don’t forget them.

How to celebrate – Help any starving animal. Enjoy birds if you have them in your area for February no matter where you are. Be kind.

January 5th National Bird Day

If you love birds today is your day. They are generally speaking very pretty to look at, some have pretty singing voices and they make good pets unless they are wild to start with. Some can even talk, some will cuddle with you and nearly all of them are curious about what you are doing though few care why you are doing it. So if you like birds at all, enjoy the day. If you live in a cold climate, good luck finding any wild ones to see this time of year. If you have any as pets, particularly the kind that can talk… don;t teach them to say “Here, kitty, kitty” if you also have cats!

How to celebrate – See how many birds you can name. Determine which is your favorite bird. Remember some birds are on the endangered list so treat them with care.

September 17th National Pet Bird Day

Over six million homes are filled with the joyful music pet birds bring into them. They are assisted by the Bird Enjoyment and Advantage Koalition group which yes, their initials do spell out BEAK. Koalition is apparently a word used in Europe for alliance or unity. Do be prepared though in make a pet of a bird. They are fun and delightful to listen to but they do make a huge mess. And if they do talk, never teach them to say “Here kitty, kitty.”

How to celebrate – Check out all the birds you can make pets out of. Birds have been pets since the 4000 BC, your not getting a totally exotic pet. Make sure your bird has plenty to eat and clean water to drink.

May 20th National Endangered Species Day

There is no doubt that animals worst enemy is man. We kill them for food, sport and because we want their homeland to build new homes and businesses for ourselves. So it’s only natural that we should be responsible to keep the endanger species alive in the world since we are the ones destroying them. Today is celebrate on the third Friday of May and proclaimed by the US Congress in 2006. It is supported by the National Wildlife Foundation and the US Fish and Wildlife Organizations. It would be a shame to see so many creatures of the earth disappear because we just didn’t care.

How to celebrate – Support wildlife organizations in anyway you can. Learn which creatures are endangered in your area. Zoos are not endangered species enemy, support them in their efforts to keep species alive.

April 27th International Crow and Raven Day

April 27th International Crow and Raven Day

Edgar Allen Poe would be proud of this day, never more! The Crow and the Raven are a part of the Corvidae species (No, not Covid) along with Magpies and Jays. They are scavengers, like most birds of prey, and carry a bad attitude persona mainly due to Poe and farmers who try to keep any of these birds away from their crops. The Raven is about twice the size of a crow but otherwise they look nearly identical, except for a slight beard. Since both C rows and Ravens are dark they are often included in stories that give them a fear factor above other birds.

How to celebrate – Read Poe’s works. Build a Scarecrow to keep these birds away. Study the Corvidae species.

April 25th World Penguin Day

Penguins are native to Antarctica, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, The Falkland Islands and the Galapagos Islands. The rest of the world must see Penguins in their zoos if they want to see them. Penguins do not fly, rather they walk, or waddle, or swim to get where they want to go. Only the penguins of the Galapagos Islands live north of the equator. They were first reported by man in the 1760 as exploration expanded.

How to celebrate – Be aware that some penguins are considered in the endangered species. Visit the Galapagos Islands. Read about all the different types of penguins.

April 14th Look Up At The Sky Day

With as many hazards as today could create, look up at the sky to see what you might normally miss! There is always something going on above our heads, some good, some bad but we miss them by constantly looking down. There are birds, planes, planets, stars, clouds, UFO’s, satellites, monkeys … well if you can name it, it’s probably up in the sky. Pay more attention to what’s there today, you might find it worth your time and very interesting.

How to celebrate – Look up at the sky. (Sunglasses might help) Get a partner to look with you so one can watch ground level while the other looks up. Figure out what the shapes of clouds above you look like.