Today is Thanksgiving. Most of us have a lot top be thankful for and we should remember those things today by celebrating with friends and family, those people who make our lives better than they would be otherwise. Thanksgiving was originally proclaimed by George Washington on October 3rd, 1789 to be held on November 26th. Since that day changed every year Abraham Lincoln set it on the fourth Thursday of November though it was still up to every state to make it official. Franklin D. Roosevelt made Thanksgiving an national holiday in 1941.

How to celebrate – Be thankful for all you have and the people around you. Try and make someone’s Thanksgiving special for those who do not have a bounty. Dress up like Pilgrims or Native Americans.

December 21st Look On The Bright Side Day

Sure, there are things that go wrong nearly everyday… but if you look on the bright side you will see only the things that went right, even if they started out bad. In fact, if you look for the bright side everyday you will find things that turned out as well, or even better, than you thought they would. it’s easy to look at all the negative things but a true optimist will see the good things too. There are plenty of them, even if it’s just that you are still alive to look for them!

How to celebrate – Forget the bad stuff today, just think about all the good that has happened. If you feel down, find someone positive to be with. Count your blessings.

October 21st Count Your Buttons Day

Okay so, this could be a very valuable day. Counting your buttons can prove very valuable cause… well.. you need to know if one is missing. And if it is, it’s probably in that drawer where yo keep all the buttons you’ve found that you can’t remember what they belong to… that is if you can remember what drawer that is.


Buttons are important to us. It the old days they were even more important, before the zipper was invented. Some outfits use to have so many buttons that by the time you got all buttoned up, it was night and time to start unbuttoning them for bed. And let’s not even get into the trips to the outhouse!

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And buttons do not have to be round! They can be any shape you’d like for them to be. Just remember it’s you that has to button them and unbutton them… and, of course, count them. Each one is a blessing in it’s own right! So, you could say you are counting your blessings!


Naturally, it is possible that one go missing from time to time so you need to keep an accurate accounting of them. You need to know when one is missing and the only way to do that is to have an exact count of how many buttons there were before you lost it. It might not be missing at all! It might just be hanging out somewhere! Like whatever part of your body is doing because of your missing button.


So you better get busy because I’m gonna bet you have more buttons than you knew you had. And yes, snaps do count as buttons, you just have to push them… but don’t push them when they are not in the right place because, you’ll then be pushing all the wrong buttons!

How to celebrate – Go count your buttons.  Place your spare buttons on alert, they may be needed. Take care if any outfit has 13 buttons!

February 2nd Candlemas

Bet you thought Christmas was over, didn’t you!?! Well, not officially until today. Candlemas is the last day of the Christmas season and it celebrates two different occasions.


It is the Feast of Purification of the Virgin Mary. Back in the day… a woman was considered unclean after child birth, 40 days if they had a son and 60 if they had a daughter. They were not allowed in the Temple until after the allotted period of time.


The second celebration is the blessing of candles that the church uses. In the old days, before electricity, this blessing was probably really, really important. There is something innocent about candles… though they often lead to something not so innocent.


Apparently a good number of people celebrate this holiday. At least it makes the Christmas season last longer giving you a reason not to take down the decorations until today. (Though you might want to think twice about leaving that real tree up!)


How to celebrate – So… get together with your friends and celebrate Candlemas by dancing around some green thing with fire.  Do not suggest your wife is “unclean” after giving birth. Enjoy this, the last day, of the Christmas season.