September 2nd International Bacon Day

Beyond all rational belief, today is not Bacon Day, It is International Bacon Day… completely different! Bacon Day is sometime in December, International Bacon day is today. It always falls on the Friday before Labor Day. (Isn’t Labor Day an American holiday?)


Does it really matter? What day is not perfect for bacon! Although I doubt they would agree in the Middle Eastern countries. But those of us not bound by religion to despise bacon, love it! I am sorry for the pigs, but that said, there is just nothing that replaces bacon as for flavor.

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People love it, dogs love it and frankly even other pigs love it, although they will eat practically anything. Eggs and bacon in the morning, BLT in the afternoon and spaghetti covered with bacon can serve as an entire days worth of meals. Oh, and those bacon covered little hot dogs at parties are wonderful! Ever try bacon on a pizza, it’s great too!


In fact bacon goes with about anything and today they are serving bacon with many desserts. It’s a perfect blend with ice cream, sweet and salty together! Bacon is such a favorite flavor that companies have figured out how to make imitation bacon that even vegans can eat.


However you slice it, bacon is delicious! The creation of the day is claimed by two different groups. One from Boston saying they founded the day back in 2000. Another group claims the rights to it from Boulder, Colorado in 2005. I don’t think it really matters, it’s all about who “Brings home the bacon!”

How to celebrate – Have some bacon today! Try adding bacon to something you haven’t had it with before and see if you like it. Just fry up some bacon and watch who comes running!