January 5th National Bird Day

If you love birds today is your day. They are generally speaking very pretty to look at, some have pretty singing voices and they make good pets unless they are wild to start with. Some can even talk, some will cuddle with you and nearly all of them are curious about what you are doing though few care why you are doing it. So if you like birds at all, enjoy the day. If you live in a cold climate, good luck finding any wild ones to see this time of year. If you have any as pets, particularly the kind that can talk… don;t teach them to say “Here, kitty, kitty” if you also have cats!

How to celebrate – See how many birds you can name. Determine which is your favorite bird. Remember some birds are on the endangered list so treat them with care.


January 5th National Bird Day

They sing for us, keep the insect population down and poop on our cars… what don’t you like about birds!?! Actually they are kinda cool and how many times have we wished we could fly like them? Well, maybe not Superman or Supergirl, but most of us anyway. Today is the National day to watch and enjoy birds! And if you really want something to do, name as many of the between 9,000 and 10,000 species of birds you can name.

How to celebrate – What is your favorite type of bird? Go on a nature walk. Migrate just like the birds do.

January 5th National Bird Day

There are a number of bird days throughout the year but I believe this is the first one of the year. If you are a bird lover, you’ll love today. Of course, if you live in the more northern states you may have to wait a while to see one but here in the south they abound. From some of the most regal, as in the eagle to some of tiniest, as the hummingbird, birds wake us in the morning with their songs, making it a good start of the day. Whether you are a bird lover or not it’s easy to admire their grace and beauty. So spend a little time today looking up and spotting the birds around you and imagine what it must be like to soar above looking down on us all.

How to celebrate – See how many types of birds you can name. Put a feather in your cap. Put out food for the birds around you.