February 27th Open That Bottle Night

Finally, a night to celebrate instead of a day! This holiday always falls on the last Saturday in February and was created by Dorothy Gaither and John Becher in 2000. Why? Because, “it’s five o’clock somewhere”. Now I have to admit when I first heard of today my mind went instantly to those bottles of wine or alcohol that are like 500 years old that no one opens until just the right occasion. But nope, this is just about opening any bottle and getting busy drinking. At least it suggests that you wait until night to do it.

How to celebrate – Open a bottle! Drink with a friend. Nothing says that bottle has to be alcoholic so open any bottle you choose!

November 30th National Mason Jar Day

Nov. 30th National Mason Jar Day

Patent #22186 gave John Landis Mason the exclusive right to produce his revolutionary new lid for the screwneck bottle.  It kept the food inside safe from bacteria and preserved freshness and taste at a time when people were regularly getting sick and even dying from poisoning. An entire industry changed for the better, food lasted longer and could be served the year round. We, at Unboxing the Bizarre, created today. We are honored to be among the others who have created days they wish to have remembered for the same reason as we have done. So they are never forgotten.

How to celebrate – Think of all the uses you have for Mason jars. Start your own Mason jar collection. Think about all the little inventions that have changed your life forever.

February 23rd Open That Bottle Day

You know that bottle of wine, champagne, scotch of whatever you have been saving forever for some unknown reason… well to day is the day to finally open it and have a taste. If you stop and think about it, what have you been waiting for? Take care though if it is a bottle of Ripple or Boone’s Farm, it has probably turned to vinegar!

Today was created by Dorothy Gaither and John Becher, both columnists for “Tastings”. While the idea is to open a bottle of champagne but it really works for anything that has a cork, or if cheap, a screw top! It falls on the last Saturday of February, though I don’t think it has always been there.

People end to save a special bottle of something for some special occasion. The idea has value but if you stop and think about, isn’t every day special? And if you want to save it to share it with someone, why wait until they are far away? The catch is, it does not begin until after 5 PM.

How to celebrate – Open that bottle you’ve been saving. Buy a bottle this year and wait until next year to open it. Read “Tastings”.