May 25th National Brown Bag It Day

Use to be that brown bagging it was so common you found those brown bags everywhere. Naturally finding them meant someone had forgotten their lunch somewhere and would be scrounging for something to eat come noon time. Brown bag lunches were generally better than anything you could find and buy for lunch during the day that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. When a brown bag was found it was hard to resist opening it to see what someone was missing but good manners generally meant not opening it. That could lead to problems as the days went by when the food inside was starting to rot and smell.

How to celebrate – Start fixing your own lunch to take with you to work or school. Get fancy and buy white bags instead of brown. Make sure to write your name on the bag so you know which one is yours.


March 10th National Pack Your Lunch Day

March 10th National Pack Your Lunch Day

People have been packing their lunch for nearly as long as they have been on earth. Packing your lunch is a pretty good idea. You will generally end up with food you like and is good for you. I’ll bet you’ll even find that cavemen occasionally packed a lunch as they went hunting or avoided being hunted (ok maybe not – but it is fun to think of a cave somewhere with a drawing of a caveman carrying a Flintstones lunch box). Paper bags normally serve the purpose but in 1935 the first lunch box was put out on the market for sale. Can you guess whose image was plastered all over the front of it?…….. Yep, Mickey Mouse.

How to celebrate – Pack your own lunch today. If you supervise someone packing your lunch does that count? Brown bag it!