June 2nd National Bubba Day

Do you know a Bubba? I’ve known a few Bubbas in my day and they do kind of meet that expectation most of us have about Bubba. Of course, there are times we should all be called Bubba, when we often do something out of friendship rather than thinking it through. Being a Bubba isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually very friendly and not all that threatening. Sometimes we even call out pets Bubba, because while they often do things we don’t understand but with the best intentions at heart.

How to celebrate – How many Bubba’s have you known in your life? Who would you tag as a “Bubba”? Do you think you could be a Bubba or not?

June 2nd National Bubba Day

We’ve all known someone named Bubba. Well, actually I haven’t except for those Bubba’s in sports or the movies. They are generally thought of as not overly bright, large in stature and always very friendly. Now any Bubba’s you know may meet none of this description but we have to come up with some sort of description don’t we? Maybe not, maybe our preconceived notions are just meant to be challenged. Still, I’ve never heard of Dr. Bubba or President Bubba. I sometimes wonder if we wouldn’t be better if we did have a President Bubba though!

How to celebrate – Think of all the people you know named Bubba. Watch Forest Gump. Is there a character in Star Wars named Bubba?

June 2nd – National Bubba Day

Well if you like nicknames today ought to be one of your favorites, it’s National Bubba Day!. We almost all think of Bubba as some country boy, maybe a farmer, not as smart as the log he sits on. In truth, the only actual language that includes Bubba as an official title is Yiddish… it means ‘grandmother’. Sort of changes your image, doesn’t it!?! We probably use Bubba as a short for buddy, though it’s not any shorter. Sort of makes you wonder about characters such as Bubba Smith, the professional football defensive tackle who was once the terror of all quarterbacks! If they only knew he was named after a grandmother!

How to celebrate – Start calling your grandmother ‘Bubba”. Think twice about anyone you give the nickname Bubba to. Try to remember all the Bubba’s you’ve met in your life.