May 26th Don’t Fry Friday

Today falls on the Friday before Memorial Day but really should be every day of your life. It is a day to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays which can give you a beautiful tan but can also kill you. I watch women i the twenties suntanning themselves not thinking at all about what price they will pay later when their skin is like leather and wrinkled so badly. Or worse, when they have to have operations to remove cancerous skin from their bodies. But, it is their choice and they can choose to ignore the warnings, The good side of tanning is it gives you lots of vitamin D, the bad side is… it kills you.

How to celebrate – Protect your skin when out ion the sun. Tanning is nice but consider the price. Wear a hat to protect your face.


November 18th Great American Smoke-out

I am not one to harp on those who smoke. I know the pleasure and relaxation it brings and I should, I smoked for over over 50 years. I quit, mainly because I got sick and it wasn’t from smoking… or at least not supposedly. Anyway it is hard to quit and like any other addiction, it is even harder to stay a non-smoker. But in the long run it’s worth it and I suggest you at least try. Today was created by the American Cancer Society in 1977 and always falls on the third Thursday of November.

How to celebrate – Stop smoking. Throw yourself a party if you’ve quit. Contribute to the American Cancer Society.

October 13th Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Every year some 271,270 people are diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer. It is considered stage IV cancer that has started in the breast and spread throughout the body. All of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and today has been declared a National Awareness Day by the US Congress since 2009. This is something to take seriously and to try and catch early in order to save lives.

How to be Aware – Check yourself for lumps and oddities regularly. Get a mammogram. Wear pink to show your support.

March 1st Dress In Blue Day

Dress In Blue Day – March 1st

Dress In Blue Day was launched in 2009 as a way to remind people of colon health and colon cancer. On average, 145,000 Americans get colon cancer a year and if caught early enough can be treated with good results. So early screening and tests are advised, something that might save your life!

How to celebrate – Wear blue today. Get tested to prevent further damage. Urge your friends and family members to be tested.

May 25th National Don’t Fry Day

May 25th National Don’t Fry Day.


You might think today has something to do with fried foods, either for them or against them but the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention would disagree. Today is a day to make sure that you don’t burn your skin under the sun, not just for one day, but for every day. Skin cancer is treatable, just don’t let it go too long. You might also consider using Anthelios 60, the highest rated sunblock on the face of the earth today. Always celebrated the Friday before Memorial Day.


How to celebrate – Plan a day in the sun. Make sure you remember the sunblock! Remember a lot of blocks will wash off in water.

April 12th National Liquorice Day

Liquorice or Licorice is actually a root.  In it’s natural state it is slightly sweet but not as most of us know it to be from the candy.  It comes from the Glycyrrhiza Glabra plant, found manly in Southern Europe, Asia and India.

It actually has many uses.  It is used in food, medicine, beverages and even tobacco.  Apparently it even works well as shampoo.  It treats sore throats, bronchitis, coughing and infections, both viral and biological.  It helps the digestive system, heartburn, colic and gastritis. It is used to treat prostate cancer as well as eczema.  It also increases fertility.

In many Mid-Eastern countries, liquorice is served as a drink, like coffee.  No one knows how first discovered liquorice but it is clear it has been around for centuries.  I have alwys been curious who dug up a plant and decided to use the roots to make something, anything.  In this case, they dug up a plant with roots that look like twigs.  Someone had to say to themselves, I bet this tastes pretty good!  At the same time, someone standing next to him, or her, said to themselves, I think I’ll try it as shampoo.  Of course it is just a hop-skip and a jump to using it in medicine and tobacco.  However it is nice to know that something that gives you cancer, like tobacco with liquorice in it, can be treated by the exact same product, liquorice as a cure.

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Now before you think you can cure yourself by eating a hundred bags of Twizzlers I’m afraid it won’t work.  Liquorice is semi-sweet as it comes out of the ground, but the real candy has Anisteed Oil added to it which tastes somewhat like liquorice but is much, much sweeter.  Unfortunately, Anisteed Oil contains none of the cure as in liquorice root.  April 12th is also my Father’s birthday, and he loves liquorice!