January 24th Beer Can Appreciation Day

We so often take things for granted… things like the beer can. The first beer can came into use in 1935, January 24th obviously, for Krueger’s Finest Beer. It was produced by the American Beer Company, I guess using the name Krueger to sound like they were German. But see, right there, by labeling the can they probably sold more than them might otherwise have sold! In fact the art of the beer can sells more beer than the beer itself. The colors of the can, the artwork done on it, even the words making it more patriotic or trendy. So give that can some appreciation before you crush it against your forehead. You need to do it before because you probably won’t remember afterwards!

How to celebrate – Study you favorite beer can. Compare your beer can to other beer cans. Stat collecting beer cans… empty or full.


September 27th Crush A Can Day

There are numerous reasons to crush cans, some are better than others but you have to decide which is best for you. It can make you feel like you have power that you really don’t, that you are being good steward of the land which you really aren’t or like you are just taking that can and putting it in a logic sequence of returning it to usefulness. What ever reason you choose is fine because yes, that can will probably be crushed and reused at some point. Which kinda makes yo wonder if elements of that can you are stacking in your house for suture use might have been created first hundreds of years ago.

How to celebrate – Crush any empty can you find. (Full ones might be a bit messy) Find new uses for cans beside just recycling them. Remember the Canned Heat.

January 19 National Tin Can Day

Philippe Henri de Girard, a Frenchman living in England, invented the tin can in 1809. It was a new and wonderful way to save food for both the home use and for selling or shipping. Now there were a few hiccups along the way and maybe a few people got poisoned along the way but it was generally considered a success. Ezra Daggett and Thomas Kensett received the first US patent for the tin can in the US on January 19th, 1825, which is why we celebrate today. Better yet, Ezra realized that the tin can might serve a better purpose if you had an opener which he finally got around to in 1858. Really makes you wonder what they did before that!?!

How to celebrate – Count how many tin cans you have in your house. Get a really good can opener. Check the labels on your cans to make sure the contents are still good.

September 27th Crush A Can Day

SO, if you have finished with what’s inside that can, it’s the day to crush them! They are going to end up that way anyway so why not. They take up a lot less room, are easier to transport and it is more environmentally acceptable. Beyond that, and the demonstration of your superior strength, I can’t think of a single reason why you would want to crush a can. I also cannot think of a single reason we should celebrate this day other than the afore mentioned reasons. Ah well, mine is not to reason why…

How to celebrate – Duh, crush a can! Plan on crushing a lot of cans and take them to a recycling dump. Stop buying things in cans so you don’t have to crush them.

September 27th Crush A Can Day

There is something so satisfying in crushing a can. Maybe it’s our ability to control something, maybe it’s helping the environment, maybe it’s just making more room in the trash, it all works. I mean, look at Popeye! Every time he finished that can of spinach he crushed the can! You do want to make sure you have discarded the lid before crush and, of course, that the can is empty but once both of those restrictions have been met, crush away! “Tin can at my feet. Kick it down the street. That ain’t no way to treat a friend.”

How to celebrate – Crush a can. Recycle. Watch Popeye!

January 24th Beer Can Appreciation Day

For years we have appreciated what the beer can contains but beyond impressing our friends with the way we can crush the can, we have not appreciated the can itself. If you think about it, some artist had to design the can and set up the machines that print them, paint them, or whatever it is they do to the can itself.


The first beer can came out in 1935, on January 24th as legend tells us. These cans have been guzzled, crushed, and recycled ever since (of course many of them never make to the recycling container, or even the trash for that matter).

Brewhouse img3

There have even been those who have made walls of beers cans, decorated their homes with beer cans, and in at least one case thar I know of, built their house out of beers cans. That’s a lot of beer! Although I have known some beer drinkers that the amount required is only one sitting.


Of course you can use them for simple decoration as well. There is nothing like walking into a home decorated with beer cans. It just speaks to you. I’ve never really been sure about what it is saying but it does say something. And before discarding all those beer cans you have saved up over the years you may want to check them out on ebay. Some are worth a lot of money to collectors. So, STOP CRUSHING THEM!


How to celebrate – Have a beer, but save the can. Start your own beer can collection. Appreciate the can!