January 15th National Hat Day

Probably one of the best known hats in history has been the Top Hat, created in 1797, and first worn by James Heatherington. Guess he was making a fashion statement, just like most of us do when we were a hat today! Hats are an extension of our personality, mood and style. A hat often says a lot about us without us having to say anything. Of course, sometimes it just to keep the sun out of our eyes or to keep the top of our head warm or from burning under a hot sun. So why do you wear a hat? What do you think it says about you?

How to celebrate – Wear a hat today. Pick a hat that tells what mood you are in for the day. Pick which hat you have is your favorite.

January 15th National Hat Day

Do you like to wear hats? Have you ever worn a hat? Do you think hats are cool? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions, today is your day! It is a day to proudly wear your hat of choice and show the world that you believe it is truly a to honor the hats you have.

Hats once were worn to keep your head warm, protect it from something like a mace being beat against it or to show your place in society. None of that is really in play anymore, well maybe the keeping your head warm particularly if you are bald.

But hats do make a statement. It can tell people you are wealthy, crazy, cool or just like hats. There are certain times and places you do not want ot wear your hat, like when you and in a crowded area and your hat takes up the space of four people. When you sit down at a theater to watch a show or when you are riding public transportation.

Times to wear a hat for sure include, walking through a construction zone, performing in a parade or pretending to be an international spy. The spy thing doesn’t work well anymore since everyone knows spies wear hats so they are easily identifiable. 

How to celebrate – Find your favorite hat and wear it. Make a hat that identifies your family. Get one of those really cool hats that carries a drink for you with those really long straws.