February 7th Send A Card To A Friend Day

You know we all enjoy getting mail. There is just something about that letter or card coming in the mail that makes us run to the mailbox hoping something will be there for us. Well, the best way to expect something is to send something. I mean, if you send a friend a card it is pretty likely that they will send one back to you. It’s sort of like that old saying that if you want a friend, you have to be a friend first. So find some reason to send out that card today… it can be for a birthday, a celebration of a promotions at work, or well… just because they are a friend.

How to celebrate – Make a list of friends you can send a card to. Make your own cards to show your talent. Be a friend.

October 5th World Card Making Day

There is nothing better than getting a handmade Christmas, Birthday or any holiday card. Kids love to make cards for their friends and family. It gives them hours of enjoyment thinking up who to send them to, how to design them and then the act of mailing them out. And frankly, I think a hand made card means more than those bought in the store. (Not that the store bought ones are bad.) With Christmas coming up it’s a great time to start making those cards for the holidays. Actually you don’t need a holiday to send a card, you don’t need a birthday or wait for someone to get sick, just go ahead and send out a card because you are thinking of someone.

How to celebrate – Plan a card making day. Get your list of those you want to send cards to. Write a poem to put inside your card.