January 10th National House Plant Appreciation Day

Go on… admit it… I know you talk you your plants. I certainly do. I try to give them words of encouragement from time to time especially on the few cold days down here in Florida. Plants are great – they help with making a room bright and cheery, they can provide salads for us, and they are a great obstacle for your cat or dog as they run through your house (just make sure you have nontoxic plants around). National Houseplant Appreciation Day was established by The Gardener’s Network

How to celebrate – Go to a nursery to pick out a new house plant. Come up with a list of affirming phrases to tell your new plant. Give your plant an occasional walk especially in July for Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day.

December 14th International Monkey Day

If you like monkeys you ought to love today! No, I’m not talking about the band… but they were fun to watch too. We are talking about monkeys that live in the wild, in zoos and even some are kept as pets. They are fun to watch and can make good pets but you need to make sure you know what you are getting into because like people, they can be complicated. There are over 260 species of monkeys, some being quite mean and difficult to control. Today was sort of created by Casey Sorrow in 2000 when she drew a monkey on a friends calendar and it sort of stuck. I am guessing she drew the monkey on December 14th since we can find no other reason for the date.

How to celebrate – Read about monkeys. Visit monkeys in zoos or in the wild. Look for Casey Sorrow’s art work.