July 15th Cow Appreciation Day

We don’t often take the time to appreciate the little things around us, or in the case of a cow… the big things around us. I am talking about more than just hamburger here. There’s also Ice Cream! A cow can also keep your lawn mowed and create that path through your yard that you have been wanting to make for years. Just keep in mind that not everything is always about you, particularly today! Step aside so the cow in your life can have it’s day… and you can have a nice glass of ice cold milk while you wait for tomorrow.

How to celebrate – Take a cow to lunch today. (Any old grass field will do) Do a cow photography day, take as many pictures of cows as you can. Become a cow-boy or cow-girl.

September 5th National Cowgirl Day

September 5th National Cowgirl Day

Well if the internet is correct this year celebrates the first ever year of the Cowgirl (seems like I’ve heard about this one before though). Anyway, we often forget that women drove cattle during the old west as well. Maybe not as much as men, but still they could ride horses just as well – the main requirement for being a Cowboy. In the world today more women are Cowgirls than ever before, of course, more women ride horses today than ever before too. Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be Cowgirls!

How to celebrate – Read about all the Cowgirls that help tame the west. If you are female, go horseback riding. Go to a dude ranch.

July 15th Cow Appreciation Day

So think what life would be like without the cow. (Now forget about the loss of a hamburger, we are being serious here) That gentle creature that roams the pasture and chews her cud. She is interested in what you do only to the point of whether you have any food for her or not. The slogan for the day is, “hug a cow”. Not that it is a good idea… but the day sort of leads you to want to do that. Just make sure there is no bull around. (Always a good thing to check first regardless of what you are doing)

How to celebrate – Go make friends with a cow. Take a cow some extra grain, they’ll love you for it! Don’t take any bull from anyone.

April 10th National Farm Animals Day

April 10th – National Farm Animals Day

How often do farm animals get celebrated? Not very often! Colleen Paige, Animal Rescuer, Vegetarian and Pet Lifestyle Expert created today in the hope that we might look at those animals on farms as living creatures rather than supper. Having grown up on a farm I do have a tendency to look at animals differently. I’m not a vegetarian but I could not look an animal in the eye and then slaughter it. I have had goats, horses and cattle as pets. All were a little tough to take for walk but they all served a purpose. They are living, breathing and caring animals if you give them a chance. And just like people they feel, love and think (Though maybe with some limitations.)   

How to celebrate – Visit a petting zoo. Spend some time on a farm. Love your pet.

July 27th National Day of the Cowboy

The cowboy is one of the most misunderstood characters out of history. This man, or woman, settled the western US. They are tough and loyal and work hard, with pride, at what they do. A large number of the original cowboys came out of the American Civil War, people trained to ride horses aggressively during the war that found themselves without work in the east. The day was created in 2005, the fourth Saturday of July, though there is no record of who created it. The cowboy is much more than just a man, or woman, who drives cattle to a destination, they are the soul of the working class, doing what they love, in the only way they know how… straight forward never looking behind.

How to celebrate – Visit the west. Learn the ethics involved with being a cowboy. Love what you do for a living.

September 18th National Cheeseburger Day

So after the founding fathers finished writing the Constitution they celebrated by having cheeseburgers the next day! Well, maybe not really but it could have happened. You know, a big cookout outside the Hall where all the founding fathers got together for a picnic!

images (3)

I find it interesting that two of America’s favorite foods come from cattle, hamburger and cheese. Now I know, a lot of hamburgers today are made out of turkey and that goats produce cheese as well, but come on… give credit where credit is due.

images (4)

No one really knows when the cheeseburger became all that popular. Maybe it was after Saturday Night’s depiction of no hamburger, cheeseburger only. However I know I was eating hamburgers long before that!  And I am sorry but, a veggie burger with fake cheese is not a “cheeseburger”.


And naturally, it’s bad for you. Seems like anything good is actually bad. So maybe we should cut back on them, but we can’t cut them out completely. Besides, we’d put McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and who ever else is known for their cheeseburgers out of business.


How to celebrate – Eat a cheeseburger today. Have a cook-out. Appear on Saturday Night Live.

July 28th National Day of the Cowboy

Yee-haw, today is the National Day of the Cowboy! It’s created by the National Day of the Cowboy group in 2005. Who doesn’t like a cowboy? Rough, rugged and always polite.  It’s a really hard job but someone’s got to do it.


Cowboys do live by a code. They are to be honest and have courage, Take pride in what they do, be curious about life, finish what one starts, keep any promise made, be tough but fair, maintain clean thoughts and deeds, always be tolerant, be a steward of the land and animals and stand up for what you believe in.


And, of course, the unspoken rule made by the ladies… be a beef-cake. For most cowboys this isn’t too hard because the work they do makes them stay fit. They may not always be real clean and smell good, but looking good is half the battle!


Cowboys have always been around, in one form or another. There job was to bring the animals in their charge to where they are needed. Along the line they had weather, other animals and people they had to protect the herd from. With many learning the art of horseback riding during the Civil War, they went west to ply their trade, settling a wild land as they did.

images (1)

So go ahead, and make their day by celebrating their heritage with them. They have never been perfect, but they never tried to be. They just did the best they could with what they had.

How to celebrate – Live by the code of the cowboy. Read about the cowboy.  Take a vacation, living the life of a cowboy.

July 22nd National Day of the Cowboy

The cowboy is one of the most iconic American heroes of all time. I do not believe anyone personifies America more than the cowboy. The idea of working hard, thinking clean thoughts, and being courtious typifies the  concept of the cowboy.


Okay, so I don’t know what cowboy they are talking about!?! While I agree with their place in history, and the good they served, they were also made up of some of the worst bandits, killers, and theives we have ever known.

They have a Code of Cowboy conduct, really.. think about it as I list their details:

Honesty and courage – okay courage yes, honesty maybe

Pride in work – being proud of what you do, and having pride in work are two different things

Stay curious – just what were they supposed to be curious about?

Finish what you start – check

Tough but fair – fair is in the eye of the beholder

Keep promises – a man’s word is his life

Clean of thought, deed and dress – I seriously doubt this was a priority to most cowboys (nor practical)

Tolerance of others – tell that to cowboy John Hardin

Stand up for what is right – who decided who was right?

And be a steward of the land and animals – this one I believe (where they could)


They also say the cowboy came after the Civil War. I bet many Texan’s would challenge that thought. Yes, more cowboys appeared after the Civil War but driving cattle east, or towards the population, had been around for many, many years before the war.


All that said, I still admire the cowboy. They worked hard, settled much of the west, and won law and order in a lawless land. Good did win out over evil, sometimes replacing it with other evils, but still better than the original evils.


National Day of  the Cowboy was formed in 2005 by the National Day of the Cowboy organization. It has been recognized by congress and is therefore a real day of celebration.

How to celebrate – Read a book about the old west. Dress up like a cowboy (trying not to look like one of the Village People). Visit a Ghost Town out west.