July 18th National Caviar Day

Considered a snack for high society these Sturgeon eggs have been served for hundreds of years to the elite. Though the Sturgeon provides most of the “roe” other fish do provide lesser quality eggs where the black caviar is considered better than the red caviar. The best of it seems to come from Russia with some going for thousands of dollars for just few ounces. In fact, some caviar has actually put certain fish in the endangered species category since these eggs would be used to maintain the fish population in the world. While many love caviar you need to like fishy dishes to enjoy most of them. I will not be endangering the species or creating a demand for roe, so if you like it… you can have my share.

How to celebrate – If you have never tried caviar, give it a shot. Travel to Russia to get the freshest caviar. See if you like the black better than the red.

July 18th National Caviar Day

Roe, roe, roe your boat! Today we celebrate the first person who ever found fish eggs laying there and thought, oh, I bet that would be great to eat! The best caviar is consider those eggs that come from the sturgeon in the Caspian Sea, (That’s Russian) and the black fish eggs are considered better than the red. Well, we eat chicken eggs so why not fish eggs? They are sort of small so it’s kinda hard to crack the shell open and fry them. That was a yolk by the way, don’t even try. It sort of figures that something that looks kinda nasty and doesn’t smell all that good would become some of the most expensive food to eat. If you can even call it food. It’s sort of a snack that you eat with crackers. You have to be really, really rich to make a meal of it. I find it a little ironic that yesterday was National Hot Dog Day, a common man’s food, and today is National Caviar Day, a rich man’s food. Maybe combine them! A hot dog smothered in caviar!

How to celebrate – Taste test which caviar you like the best. Vacation in Russia. Become wealthy.

July 18th National Caviar Day

They say that caviar is one of the finest delicacies on the face of the earth. Today they say is the day to celebrate it’s gift to mankind. I will have to take their word for it since I am not about to put jellied fish eggs in my mouth.


The best is said to come from a sturgeon found in the Caspian Sea. That is the largest inland body of water on the earth and much of it controlled by Russia, which seems to be the best provider of expensive caviar. I have to wonder who first started eating caviar, I somehow doubt it was the rich.

Paramount Caviar

The caviar from Whitefish and Salmon apparently is acceptable, though cheaper by far. Still, as I look at it, it does not tempt me at all. I know there are many of you that like caviar out there and I do not mean to question your taste. I also choose not to eat bull testicles and monkey brains which are also considered great delicacies.


But if you do enjoy these tempting treats, this is your day to enjoy it, or maybe at least be a brave sole and try it. I am told it’s a little salty but goes down well with champagne (maybe if I were drunk enough…)


How to celebrate – Well if caviar is your kind of thing, enjoy some today, not the cheap stuff, the expensive kind! Throw a caviar taste testing party and see if your friends can tell the difference between good caviar and not so good caviar.