December 31st New Year’s Eve

Today is the last day of the year, celebrate the memories going out with the year and get ready for the new year to come. It’s a time to make new plans and separate yourself from those things you regret doing. It’s a time for change, even if everything stays the same. Why we choose to make a day where we get rid of the old and bring in the new is a little beyond me but we do, and normally we do so with a lot of booze (Makes forgetting seem easier) This year do something that you can actually recognize a change in yourself, your community or in the world around you. It is a new year after all, and the time for setting new goals.

How to celebrate – Welcome in the new year. Say goodbye to the old year. Make a few new resolutions that you might actually keep!

January 1st National Hangover Day

So, do you remember what you did for New Year’s Eve this year? If you don’t, you might be celebrating National Hangover Day! Anybody can celebrate New Year’s Day but only those select drinkers can celebrate Hangover Day, well… actually they may not be that select but you get the point. Though I have indulged myself in such actions I am not sure what the value of drinking until you can’t remember is. That said, it may be even worse if you do remember! And I am not sure how you really celebrate a Hangover.

How to celebrate – Write down what you are dong as you are drinking so can remember. Never mix drinks, it will make you sick. Happy New Year!

March 5th Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday

Today is Mardi Gras, in some places better known as Fat Tuesday and Shrove Day. The idea of it is simple, because the following day is Ash Wednesday where you have to give up something you really like for Lent. Fat Tuesday becomes your day to splurge and over do the things you will be giving up the next day. It is famous in New Orleans, along Bourbon Street, where the idea of throwing beads into the crowd from parade floats is the highlight for many.

How to celebrate – List the things you like to do most and figure out which you will be giving up. Throw a party. Wear a mask so no one knows who you are.