March 10th International Find A Pay Phone Booth Day

Are you feeling a bit nostalgic today? Well, you’re in luck because it’s March 10th, International Find A Pay Phone Booth Day! It’s time to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the good old days when finding a pay phone booth was as easy as walking around the corner.

Before the advent of cell phones, pay phone booths were an essential means of communication. People would line up to make calls, and you could hear the sound of coins jingling in the background. It was a time when having a conversation with someone was a special event, and hearing their voice was a rare treat.

But let’s be real, when was the last time you actually saw a pay phone booth? Nowadays, they’re a rarity, and if you’re lucky enough to come across one, it’s likely to be filled with cobwebs and dust. But fear not! Today is the day to go on a mission to find a pay phone booth.

Who knows, you might even find one that still has a functioning pay phone. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could even try making a call! Just be sure to carry some coins with you, as it’s unlikely that the phone will accept your credit card or mobile payment.

If you’re feeling extra enthusiastic about this nostalgic holiday, why not buy your own phone booth? It might be a little impractical, but it’ll be worth it just to say that you have one.

So, get out there and start your search for a pay phone booth. You never know what kind of memories and adventures you might uncover along the way. Happy International Find A Pay Phone Booth Day!


April 25th Telephone Day

April 25th Telephone Day

Here’s a day that would even make Alexander Graham Bell proud as we celebrate the invention of the “Electric Speaking Machine”. Telephones have gone through a lot of changes over the years. From one an operator had to connect you to your party to the cell phone of today. Since it’s invention in 1876 the telephone has become vital to nearly every modern society in the world and who knows, maybe someday we’ll actually get back to using it for what it was intended for!

How to celebrate – Read about the history of the telephone. See if you can find a telephone operator anywhere in the world. Look up the styles of phones over the years.

March 10th International Find A Pay Phone Booth Day

Talk about your endangered species! Telephone booths used be on nearly every corner of every street in every city. Sometimes you could even find them sitting in the middle of nowhere acting like a statue. Today, to find one anywhere is nearly impossible and they probably would cost like 50 bucks a call if you could find one! With the coming of the cell phone, phone booths just are not required anymore. I guess to some degree this is a good thing. Hey, maybe we can start a phone booth zoo where everyone can see what used to be!

How to celebrate – Try and locate a working phone booth. Take pictures of any working phone booth you can find. If you find a phone booth, try making a call from it.

March 10th International Find A Pay Phone Booth Day

Get out your binoculars, put on your pith helmet and get out in the wilderness… today is International Find A Pay Phone Booth Day. The phone booth has been put on the endangered species list as they are becoming harder and harder to find. Once called a telephone cabinet, they were featured all over the place… every street corner, on the sides of buildings, sometimes even out in the middle of nowhere – but now, it’s hard to find one. The day was created by Bob Matthews from Rochester, NY in 2018, probably seeing a phone booth in bad shape, lonely and feeling useless along the side of the road.

How to celebrate – Try to find a phone booth. Take pictures of it if you find one. See how many people you can stuff in the phone booth you find.

January 30th National Inane Answering Message Day

Have you ever called someone and gotten an answering machine message that makes no sense at all? At first you are confused, then maybe you laugh and pretty soon, you are wanting to share your experience with others. Now I know most of us do not have answering machines anymore. I am not even sure you can still buy them but you can leave an inane message on your cell phone. The odder, the better. The one key is, it cannot make any sense. This day is owned by Why anybody needs to own this day is a little beyond me but so be it.

How to celebrate – Make an inane message on your phone. Use a language others do not know you speak. Make whale sounds instead of words.