June 1st Flip A Coin Day

Flipping a coin to help make a choice you might not otherwise be able to decide has been around since the days of Julius Caesar. It case you didn’t figure it out, the proper call was always “Heads”, anything else might cost you yours! This does not mean flipping a coin will always help you make the right choice, in fact you’ve only got a 50 percent chance of getting it right! That means you also have a 50% chance of getting it wrong. But, if it’s not all that important, you can use the flip of a coin to help you decide what to do and what not to do, or to start a football game.

How to celebrate – Make sure you have a coin for today. (They are getting more and more rare these days!) By a two headed coin and trick someone. You could flip a bill but it’s a little difficult to do.

July 26th All Or Nothing Day

July 26th All Or Nothing Day

Today is the day that you should go for broke and gamble it all that you will win! It’s time to show you are “All In” on whatever it is you are going to do. This can include gambling everything on the stock market( Not a good idea), jump in that pool before checking the temperature of the water (But make sure there is water there first) or tell someone that you love them (Even if they have never met you before) In other words, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! The point is, when you give something your all you will always get better results than if you do it half-way. You can win big, or you can lose big, but the results will probably change your life forever.

How to celebrate – Commit to something in your life. Go the track and bet on your favorite horse! Try submerging yourself into a real passion and make it work for you.