August 24th National Peach Pie Day

It seems appropriate that as the summer winds down it should do so with a treat that comes from the south and somehow reminds us of a balmy summer evening sitting by a river and watching the sun set. Naturally the peach is most commonly found in “The Peach State”, Georgia. If you go to Atlanta, try and find a road that isn’t name Peach Tree!


No matter how you make it, a good peach pie appeals to practically everybody. Served warm with ice cream or cold by itself, it is sweet, gooey, and fun to eat. Each peach (medium sized), contains 30 calories, 7 g carbohydrates, 1 g protein, 140 mg of potassium, and 8% of the daily requirements of Vitamin C.

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Of course, when you put the peach in a pie with other ingredients, many of those numbers will go up. Or you can be healthy and add things like blueberries. The peach is strong enough to challenge any other flavor of fruit it may be mixed with. A peach by itself does not need sugar added, though in a pie you will probably add sugar. You needn’t peel it, as you would an apple, since the skin is soft and adds to the flavor.


By mixing it with whipped cream, along with other ingredients, youcan make it into a light dessert – a chiffon. Peaches and cream also go well together (though that makes it a little heavier). Add a little mint to spice it up, or maybe some key-lime, that’s a typical southern thing to do!


You can make it as Chantilly by layering in other fruits to make every bite a new and different experience. Or try a recipe of your own.

How to celebrate – Make a peach pie for your family. Go to a peach orchard and pick your own peaches. Peaches are generally picked between June and the end of August. Read or watch James and the Giant Peach. Have a peachy keen day!