January 20th National Cheese Lovers Day

Who doesn’t love cheese!?! I guess maybe people who are lactose intolerant but who else!?! Did you know that there are some 900-1,400 varieties of cheese? That quite a difference in numbers… anyway… cheeses are determined by texture.. and I always though it was taste! The first cheese appears to have come along by accident too somewhere between 7,500 and 8,000 BC in either Poland or Arabia. Why either Poland or Arabia? Too many questions for a cheese lover because all we want is more cheese!

How to celebrate – See how many different types of cheese you can name. Try and figure out why cheese was discovered in Poland or Arabia. Select your favorite cheeses and enjoy!

January 20th National Cheese Lovers Day

January 20th National Cheese Lovers Day

Well count me in, I love cheese! Then we get into the facts of how cheese probably came into being in the first place and your love for it may decline somewhat. So, I won’t get into those details because today is Cheese Lovers Day not, I Am Grossed Out By How Cheese Was Discovered Day. It is believed cheese was first discovered around 5,500 BCE in Poland. Shortly there-after someone first cut the cheese. There are over 1,400 varieties of cheese today with many of the flavors being created by adding bacteria, enzymes and fungi to alter the flavors. Yummy!

How to celebrate – Have some cheese. Throw a cheese tasting party. Make a list of your favorite cheeses.