September 5th Cheese Pizza Day

One of the world’s most favorite foods is pizza. Of all the types of pizza made, cheese if the most popular. And why not, cheese is really all you need to have to make for the nearly perfect meal ever! Note it does not mention which kind, or kinds of cheese you can use. So long as it melts it will work. You can have thin crust, flat bread, deep dish… as long as it’s round, square or triangular it still can be pizza! And although many of us enjoy adding toppings today is all about the original, plain cheese!

How to celebrate – Make some pizza today. Experiment with different types of cheese. Try white pizza verses regular pizza.

September 5th National Cheese Pizza Day

Doesn’t all pizza start out as cheese pizza? Well, most I guess. I have never met anyone who said, “Ewe, its cheese pizza, I don’t want any!” Unless of course they didn’t like pizza in the first place, which seems kind of rare.

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To me, the more cheese the better so, bring it on! Three cheese, ten cheese, fifty cheese… well, maybe fifty is a bit much. There is nothing like pulling that first piece of pizza out of the box and watch the strings of cheese try to pull it back. Of course it never wins.


We all know the story of how pizza got it’s start… Greece… Italy… New York City… No real need of covering that story again, for like the tenth time. Naturally children seem to love cheese pizza best. The older you get the more open you get to new and different flavors. Adding ingredients becomes a challenge and yet it all starts with the cheese pizza.

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And if everyone else wants meat or vegetables, or both, on their pizza, there is always the individual cheese pizza. You can always pick off things like pepperoni from the pizza and it instantly becomes a cheese pizza once again! Chopped vegetables take a little more effort to remove.


But since today is National Cheese Pizza Day, it really should be celebrated by having only cheese pizza! If you want, you can add all that extra stuff afterwards.

How to celebrate – Have cheese pizza today. Try making your own pizza with a different type of cheese. Share your personal pan pizza with someone you love.