May 28th National Hamburger Day

🍔 Happy National Hamburger Day! 🍔

Who would’ve thought that ground beef sandwiched between two pieces of bread could become such an iconic American delight? Though the origins of the hamburger may be shrouded in mystery, let’s give the good ol’ USA a nod for popularizing this juicy creation. Maybe someone somewhere else thought of it first, but they didn’t leave a mark in the history books like America did!

Now, let’s talk about the genius who had the audacity to put a salad on top of a hamburger. Seriously, who came up with that brilliant idea? Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a pickle team up to create a medley of flavors that make your taste buds sing. It’s like having a well-rounded meal all neatly nestled between two heavenly slices of bread. Of course, feel free to customize your burger to your heart’s content—add more toppings, ditch the ones you’re not a fan of, because no matter what, it’s still a scrumptious, classic hamburger.

So, how can we make this National Hamburger Day celebration even more epic? Simple! Indulge in the joy of sinking your teeth into a delicious, perfectly grilled hamburger. Sink your teeth into that juicy patty, and let the flavors explode in your mouth. But hold on, don’t forget the golden companions of every burger—the crispy, golden French fries! They’re the quintessential sidekick, the partner-in-crime to your burger adventure. And if you really want to go all out, make it an All-American meal by adding a side of coleslaw, baked beans, or even a slice of good ol’ apple pie!

Today, let’s honor the hamburger in all its glory. Raise your buns to this culinary masterpiece, whether you’re firing up the grill at home or indulging in a mouthwatering burger at your favorite joint. Celebrate the flavors, the history, and the mouthwatering magic that is the hamburger. After all, it’s not just a meal—it’s a symbol of American ingenuity and culinary pleasure that brings us all together!

Happy National Hamburger Day, and bon appétit! 🍔🍟


May 28th National Hamburger Day

The hamburger is an American invention, born sometime during the 19th or 20th century… no one knows for sure. Since whenever it was born it has been a favorite of American’s and one of the first things Europeans want to try when visiting America. May is also National Hamburger Month. Wimpy, from “Popeye” was always asking for a hamburger with his famous quote, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today.”. The character of Wimpy was based off a relative of mine who apparently knew E.C. Segar (The creator of Popeye) and was always after a hamburger. I’m not sure if I should claim this relative or not!?!

How to celebrate – Have a hamburger! Watch “Popeye”. Have a cook out featuring hamburgers and hot dogs.

May 28th National Hamburger Day

The All-American meal, the hamburger! Unless you are a vegetarian, who doesn’t love the hamburger. Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well done… who cares!?! Add a little cheese and it becomes a meal fit for a King! McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s (Among others) owe everything to the hamburger. On September 2nd, 2012 the Black Bear Casino Resort, in Carlton, Minnesota made histories largest hamburger ever. It weighed 2,014 pounds! Can you imagine the size of the grill!?! It also leaves me to wonder, who ate it? I’ll bet the middle was pretty rare! Don’t forget the fries!

How to celebrate – Have a hamburger today. Try adding different things to the meat to make it a new experience. Have a family cook-out!

September 18th National Cheeseburger Day

So after the founding fathers finished writing the Constitution they celebrated by having cheeseburgers the next day! Well, maybe not really but it could have happened. You know, a big cookout outside the Hall where all the founding fathers got together for a picnic!

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I find it interesting that two of America’s favorite foods come from cattle, hamburger and cheese. Now I know, a lot of hamburgers today are made out of turkey and that goats produce cheese as well, but come on… give credit where credit is due.

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No one really knows when the cheeseburger became all that popular. Maybe it was after Saturday Night’s depiction of no hamburger, cheeseburger only. However I know I was eating hamburgers long before that!  And I am sorry but, a veggie burger with fake cheese is not a “cheeseburger”.


And naturally, it’s bad for you. Seems like anything good is actually bad. So maybe we should cut back on them, but we can’t cut them out completely. Besides, we’d put McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and who ever else is known for their cheeseburgers out of business.


How to celebrate – Eat a cheeseburger today. Have a cook-out. Appear on Saturday Night Live.

May 28th National Hamburger Day

With summer coming, or in some places already here, the idea of swimming pools, lemonade, and cookouts begin to fill our thoughts. What spells summer more than an outdoor cookout while you enjoy a cool lemonade by the pool.

So where did the hamburger come from?  There are many that claim ownership of the ground beef delight. Congress recognizes Louise Lassen, a Dutch immigrant (legal), who created the treat in 1900 as reported by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. But that would not explain the reports in the Boston Journal in 1884 or the Chicago Tribune in 1896.  Others have claimed to have invented the hamburger, namely Charlie Nagreen, Frank and Charles Menches, Oscar Weber Bilby, Fletcher David, and Otto Kuase ,who later founded White Castle, and whose claim goes back to 1891.

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It may have even been first served in Germany, though most believe it was created in the US. The UK has its own version, generally made out of either turkey or bison.

The world’s largest hamburger is not in debate though, created by the Black Bear Casino in Carlton, Minnesota, in 2012 –  weighing 2014 pounds. Even Wimpie would be impressed by that.

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And lets remember that hamburger is also a part of tacos, pizza, spaghetti, meatballs, picadillo, egg rolls, chili, nachos, pot pies, stuffed potatoes, meatloaf…

So just start a cookout in your backyard and see how many neighbors are your friends!  Find kids you never knew you had. You might even discover a pet that has been missing all winter reappears.

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How to celebrate: Have a cookout this holiday weekend. Try to fix your own 2,000 pound hamburger. Go to McDonalds or any other burger joint you prefer.