September 24th National Cherries Jubilee Day

Cherry pie filling, vanilla ice cream and either Cognac or Brandy, normally served flaming, this is Cherries Jubilee. So in figuring out the name is pretty simple, it’s cherries served up fancy like a party in a dish! Of course the brandy or cognac burns off pretty quickly leaving a dessert that even children can enjoy and frankly, you don’t have to serve the dish flaming so you could even leave the booze off. It is believed the dish was created by Auguste Escoffier for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

How to celebrate – Have a cherries jubilee. Read about the Diamond Jubilee. Create your own holiday so you can serve cherries jubilee.

September 24th National Cherries Jubilee Day

Well, if you are going to have a dessert, this is a good one to have! You get the sweetness of ripe cherries, the bite of cognac or brandy, and the balance of vanilla ice cream all to savor. And… You can set it on fire! Presentation is half of the enjoyment! Though kids love this, it’s meant for adults. I found no real history on cherries jubilee, I would bet it’s a French thing. Anyway, it’s a fun dessert and works either during the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

How to celebrate – Have some cherries jubilee! Try another fruit instead of cherries – raspberry jubilee, kiwi jubilee, blueberry jubilee. Forget the cherries and vanilla ice cream and just go for the cognac or brandy!

September 24th National Cherries Jubilee Day

Now here is a sweet day, National Cherries Jubilee Day. Yum! If you like cherries, and jubilee, this is your day! Supposedly the dish was created by Auguste Escoffier for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897. I am certainly glad they did not decide to use diamonds, they might be a little tough to chew.


It’s ingredients are very simple. Cherry pie filling, Vanilla ice cream and Cognac (Or brandy). The alcohol is added to allow the dessert to be lit on fire, it burns off pretty quickly so it doesn’t leave a lot of flavor to the dish. (Of course, if you like that flavoring then just don’t set it on fire!)


Cherries are an interesting fruit. Generally people love them, but like anything else… too much of a good thing can be bad for you. In the American Civil War, things were going on well for the Confederates until their invasion of Pennsylvania.  The tide turned at Gettysburg where it happened to be cherry season. The Confederates, not having fresh fruit most of the time, gorged themselves on the cherries and ate too many, making them sick. Did this effect the battle and turn the tide of the war? We may never know.

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It’s a good dessert, if you burn off the brandy you can even serve it to children, or just leave the alcohol off of it entirely. After-all, the kids don’t need the alcohol and giving them something burning may not be the brightest idea of all.

Summer Cherries Jubilee

Jubilee basically means a celebration, festival or party. Well, cherries jubilee lives up to it’s name because it is a party happening in your mouth with every bite! It’s a day we can actually enjoy in so many ways. So whether you want to celebrate Queen Victoria, the saving of the Union or just having a good time… today is a good day to do it!

How to celebrate – Have a bowl of cherries jubilee! If you are having a bad day, forget the ice cream and cherries and just use the other ingredients. Eat sparingly.

September 24th National Cherries Jubilee Day

If you like cherries, cognac (or Brandy) and vanilla ice cream you should like cherries jubilee. It is the perfect ending to a perfect meal or maybe you can pass on the meal and just have the dessert.

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All you need are cherries, cognac and vanilla ice cream… oh, and a match. Then stand back and let the fire do it’s thing. (You might want to make sure you have placed the cherries in a bowl that can withstand fire.)


Chef Auguste Escoffier created the dish in honor of Queen Victoria’s 50 (1887) year of being the monarch of the UK. It needed t be something spectacular and Escoffier was known for making spectacular dishes. One he was already noted for where his eggs scrambled and cooked in champagne. (Are we catching a theme here?)


Now I honestly do not know too much about Queen Victoria but she does appear to need a little cheering up. If the cherries didn’t do and the ice cream didn’t do it surely the cognac would. Since then cherries jubilee has been on the finest restuarants dining tables.


I suppose you can use any cherry, Bing would be my choice. But then I love just about anything made with cherries. If you do not care for cherries, you might try blackberries or raspberries. But be careful, that might anger the Queen.

How to celebrate – Fix some cherries jubilee for your family after a peanut butter and jelly supper.  (They should be confused) See if you can add anything to the recipe to make a slightly different cherries jubilee. If all else fails, forget the cherries and ice cream and enjoy a nice glass of cognac.