July 2nd International Cherry Pit Spitting Day

If you ever wanted to compete in a cherry pit spitting contest, today is the day to get started. It began back in 1974 with Herb Teichman in Eau Claire, NH who created the event with contestants ending up spitting a cherry seed over 100’4″ as the world record. That’s 1/3 the length of a football field! The event is always held on the first Saturday in July. If you break the record does that make you a professional cherry spitter?

How to celebrate – Start a cherry spitting even of your own. Practice spitting cherry pits and see how you fair. Visit Eau Claire, NH on the first Saturday in July.

September 1st National Cherry Popover Day

Who ever thought something so simple would be so good! Cherry Popovers qualify for that honor to me, simple and yet so good. Just some flour, eggs, sugar and lots and lots of cherries. They are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just as a daytime snack. You can even make them out of different kinds of cherries. So how many different types of cherries are there? Well there are close to a thousand different types believe it or not!

How to celebrate – Have a cherry popover. See how many types of cherries you can name. Visit a cherry grove.

February 22nd George Washington’s Birthday

Today is the original President’s Day, it’s George Washington’s birthday. Washington was born in 1732. He spent most of his life before the Revolution as a soldier and planter, and in 1789 he became the first President of the United States. He had been offered to be made King but refused it realizing, among other things, the world did not need another King George! He would be President until 1797 when he retired, dying two years later on December 14th, 1799.

How to celebrate – Have a piece of cherry pie. Read about Washington’s life. Visit Mount Vernon.

September 24th National Cherries Jubilee Day

Well, if you are going to have a dessert, this is a good one to have! You get the sweetness of ripe cherries, the bite of cognac or brandy, and the balance of vanilla ice cream all to savor. And… You can set it on fire! Presentation is half of the enjoyment! Though kids love this, it’s meant for adults. I found no real history on cherries jubilee, I would bet it’s a French thing. Anyway, it’s a fun dessert and works either during the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

How to celebrate – Have some cherries jubilee! Try another fruit instead of cherries – raspberry jubilee, kiwi jubilee, blueberry jubilee. Forget the cherries and vanilla ice cream and just go for the cognac or brandy!

July 6th International Cherry Spitting Day

Got nothing to do today, well enter a cherry spitting contest! It’s day changes so you’ll have to keep an eye on it. It’s always the first Saturday of July. The day was created by Herb Teichman from Eau Claire, MI in 1974 as well as a tournament to see who was the best spitter in the land. The record is 100′ 4″. There are people who can’t throw a ball that far! Cherries are ripe this time of the year so they are ready if you are! Did you know that cherries probably cost the Confederacy the Civil War? Their troops found fresh cherries at Gettysburg before the battle, remember it was in July, ate their fill. It made the soldiers sick since they ate too many at one time and they couldn’t fight. Maybe they should have spit the pits at the Union, they might have won!

How to celebrate – Have some cherries. See how far you can spit a seed yourself. Visit Gettysburg.

August 28th National Cherry Turnover Day

One of my favorite fruits is the cherry and now I find out they are related to plums, peaches, and nectarines. They are drupes (whatever that is), or possibly better known as stone fruit. I always thought they were just cherries! They are not native to North America however. The cherry was brought over by English colonist in the 1600’s.


Cherries are good for you too! Well, when eaten in proper portions. You may, or may not, have known that cherries may have led to General Lee’s defeat at Gettysburg. His troops had been denied fresh fruit for so long when they arrived in Pennsylvania they found cherry orchards and ate their fill, and more. When they arrived at Gettysburg, many of the troops were ill from eating too many cherries (any fruit would have done the same thing). Perhaps they did not fight as well as a result, or maybe not, but that’s one of the excuses offered anyway.


Cherries are great just by themselves, or made into a pie, or cake, or cut up in ice cream. But today is cherry turnover day so that’s what we are celebrating! Cherry Turnovers can come in many flavors. Obviously they are all cherry, but the filling can be mixed with other fruits, creams, and flavorings so you can have them your way. Oh, and there are over 1,000 varieties of cherries so they can even taste different depending on which cherry you use.


They are even good if you just pour the cherries into some dough and either fry or bake them with nothing added to it at all.


How to celebrate – Make your family some cherry turnovers. Some fast food restaurants serve cherry turnovers if nothing else works. Make up your own type of cherry turnover after you have investigated the different types of cherries you can use.