August 3rd Grab Some Nuts Day

Okay, so when you get done laughing about something today has nothing to do with, you will need to learn what a nut is, and what it isn’t. Of course, we all know that peanuts are legumes, not nuts but did you know that almonds, cashews, pistachios and walnuts are not really nuts either! A botanical nut is a fruit such as Hazelnuts, Brazil Nuts and Chestnuts with generally extremely hard-shell casings. I am sure there are better explanations of what a nut is beyond that, but for me, that will do. Naturally, I am still going to call cashews, almonds, pistachios and walnuts Nuts… it just easier.

How to celebrate – Go nuts today. Learn what are nuts and what aren’t nuts. Snack on nuts, they are so much better for you than most other treats.

December 14th Roast Chestnuts Day

Today was created to begin the 12 days of Christmas. It seems like a really good idea, a tradition to share and a true start to the holiday season. But, it didn’t get created until 2015 when Holiday Insights created the day. So, what did everyone do all those years before Roast Chestnuts Day? And if you start on the 14th doesn’t that take it past Christmas? So do we only celebrate the 11 days of Christmas or do we take it to Boxing Day? Something to complicate your holidays and stress over, like we don’t already have enough!

How to celebrate – Have some chestnuts. Roast some chestnuts. Try and figure out what a chestnut really is.